Contract Extension for Messi
FC Barcelona player Lionel Messi signs a contract extension. Photo by Reuters.

Lionel Messi has been with FC Barcelona for his entire career. Even though he is getting older, he is still wanting more time at Barca. It was announced that there has been a contract extension for Messi.

Messi’s contract is set to expire in June 2021. The new contract will only go for another year- June 2022. The star can revisit another extension next year, or terminate his contract at any time.

Some people think that he will move to be with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. However, Messi has been committed to Barca his whole life, so it’s not likely.

The negotiations have taken place between club president Josep Maria Bartomeu and Messi’s dad Jorge Messi. They have agreed with the length and base salary of the contract. The rest of the details will be hashed out over summer.

It was reported that Barca wanted a two-year extension contract that would take him to 2023. They have agreed to £500,000 wage a week for the star. It doesn’t look like Messi will continue with the 70% pay cut that the players agreed upon for the pandemic.

The club is trying to save £181 million from the annual budget. Many clubs are struggling with the economic impact that has been made due to the pandemic.

Overall, Messi’s position at Barca is in good shape. The only thing is the fight he had with sporting director and former Barca player Eric Abidal. They got into a fight over the firing of Ernesto Valverde.

People are happy to see that Messi will continue playing at Barca a little longer. The fans will have to enjoy it because his time seems to be dwindling.