Conor McGregor
Seth Weing/AP

Conor McGregor Is Back At It Again

You know, it had been a quiet time from the camp of Conor McGregor for a little too long.

McGregor, losing in his last fight due to a doctor stoppage at the end of round number one, hasn’t really handled his loss in the most professional manner. There was the calling out of Dustin Poirier and his wife, then came the claims that the UFC doctors and Dana White knew about his injury, followed by tweeting at Khabib Nurmagomedov talking shit about his late father. But we have stooped to another low and in famous McGregor tradition, he has gone after someone on social media. The Target? Daniel Cormier.

In a series of deleted tweets, Conor McGregor said the following. Quotes from The New York Post:

“Daniel Cormier is a fat mess. Getting into worse condition by the day. God bless him. Showing up drunk at media events the very day before he was in the booth calling my fight. Drunk at a media event working? The day before being a commentator on the biggest fight in history?”

McGregor is referring to Cormier’s media appearance at the UFC 264 weigh-ins. Cormier was shotgunning drinks with Laura Sanko, which was kinda why he was there. But this did not sit well with The Notorious one.

It is a sackable offense for a commentator to be drunk at press work the day before commentating the big fight. Dreadful! Get it together. Belching in the mic at a press event and an all wtf. The day before commenting the big fight? Is this guy serious? Disgraceful.

“@dc_mma Your back situations just mental too. Your weight and way of life is abysmal. And now drunk at work the day before you commentate a McGregor event? Pitiful. Congrats Jon on his head kick KO anniversary over you. Good always defeats evil? Wasn’t sure you were evil. Fakes,” McGregor wrote in a series of deleted tweets.

Sanko, co-host of the event, quickly came to the side of the former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion, claiming he was in fact not drunk and did was he was there to do.

“I can assure everyone he wasn’t actually drunk. DC is a funny guy and he was having fun. He’s twice my size, we drank the same amount just as fast (well, almost lol) and I was fine. He was joking around. He’s a true professional on all levels” Sanko tweeted.

Conor McGregor has had a rough go of it lately. His star is fading, and should likely retire. He has made his money and has all the accolades any fighter could ask for. Maybe he should stick to wheelchair boxing if that is in fact in his future.

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