Colin Cowherd Barstool
Is Colin Cowherd close to joining Barstool Sports? There are rumors that Cowherd could be on his way to Barstool sooner rather than later. (Herd Image)

Colin Cowherd has been teasing people on social media for the past few days. If you follow the bread crumbs, it looks like it’s possible that Colin Cowherd could be on his way to Barstool Sports.

It all started when Cowherd dropped this tweet. It was evident that something interesting was coming with Cowherd’s career.

His next tweet? Well, that was praising Erika Nardini who is the CEO of Barstool. It seemed odd at the time but maybe it was more than just a coincidence.

Is edgy Colin coming back? Cowherd wasn’t exactly saying what he was planning but he kept dropping bread crumbs. Spice just feels like something Colin would describe Barstool as.

Then today Colin dropped the real bombshell. It wasn’t just noise anymore. Cowherd was planning a big move and it’s coming.

It should also be noted that Cowherd had Nardini on his podcast not too long ago:

So what exactly are the rumors today? Well, Clay Travis who Cowherd knows well at Fox dropped this article today on Outkick.

“Yesterday morning, Colin Cowherd sparked speculation by tweeting, “My life is about to get more interesting.” Media sources tell OutKick that Cowherd is shopping for property in Las Vegas for both studio space and a house. Sources add that the move relates to the increasingly lucrative opportunities in the sports gambling industry.”

“Cowherd, who began his career in Las Vegas, currently resides and broadcasts from Los Angeles.”

“Since the legalization of sports gambling, sportsbooks have looked to get into business with media talents to grow their brands and drive user sign-ups. Notably, Penn National Gaming acquired a 36% stake in Barstool Sports at a $450 million valuation. Since the start of the year, industry experts have pointed to Cowherd as a likely target for major gambling companies.”

It’s interesting that Travis dropped Barstool without mentioning any other brand. Especially given that Cowherd had just praised Nardini. It had to be more than just a coincidence.

Against The Points also dropped this article too that indicates Cowherd has been in contact with founder Dave Portnoy:

“It was kind of obvious to a lot of us when he first mentioned Portnoy on his show and kept talking about Barstool a few months ago, sort of nonchalantly. Dave and Colin have talked and it is something that has legs, we know that for certain.”

Gambling is huge and Cowherd does his weekly blazing 5 segment on Fox. It makes sense for Cowherd to jump ship and join Barstool. Outside of holding TV rights, Fox isn’t an upgrade over Barstool. With Barstool, he has the freedom to do whatever he wants. Fox has become the ESPN reject company and bends over backwards for guys like Skip Bayless.

Time will tell what Cowherd has up his sleeve but it seems more and more like he’s heading to Barstool.