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Is Cole Beasley Intentionally Trying To Get Himself Cut?

Cole Beasley

(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Cole Beasley
Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Cole Beasley’s Twitter Tirade

With the 2021-2022 NFL season just around the corner, Cole Beasley is drawing a lot of attention to himself. Beasley took his frustration to Twitter last month and expressed his displeasure with the NFL’s new Covid Protocol. Shortly after this tirade, Beasley decided to say nothing further.

“I don’t want [to] be any more of a distraction to my team so that’s where I’m leaving it,” Beasley told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Well, that decision lasted all of a month. Beasley has since returned to Twitter in the past few days with some more to say about the vaccine and NFL Protocols:

According to Beasley, the last tweet was a joke, after Mark Cuban offered Beasley’s wife a share of Pfizer Stock. Beasley then tweeted at Cuban with his personal ideology: he believes that the NFL’s Covid Rules for the 2021 season will result in more games canceled than the 2020 season. There were no games actually canceled last year, but several were rescheduled due to Covid outbreaks and other pandemic-related issues.

Is Cole Beasley Trying To Get Cut?

Given all the attention Beasley has brought to the Bills the last month, it is possible that he is attempting to get himself cut from the Buffalo Bills. A month ago, Beasley decided he was done being a distraction, but he is now right back in the spotlight. According to Beasley though, his Twitter antics are not a problem:

If Beasley wants to be cut, then this is certainly a preposterous way to accomplish that. Not only that, why would Beasley want to leave Buffalo? Beasley essentially rejuvenated his career with the Bills after leaving the Dallas Cowboys. In 2019, Beasley had 67 receptions for 778 receiving yards and six touchdowns and although he had a lackluster 2020 season, he is nevertheless an important piece in the Bills’ offense.

His aforementioned tweet about not having a game for a month also makes no sense. It is not as if players can only create distractions while the season is actively going on.

Whether or not Beasley wants to be cut remains a mystery. His most recent activity on Twitter is certainly drawing attention to himself. To become a distraction so quickly after declaring that he would never be a distraction has caused a lot of speculation regarding Beasley’s place in Buffalo, and I am interested to see how both the Bills and Cole Beasley address this matter going forward.

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