Coaching Facts and Tips
Tracy Jackson coaching Madison High School. Photo by Rene Ferran.

Coaching is a fundamental part of any sport. There is so much to offer the kids and the coach in that relationship. If you are wondering if coaching is something that you’d like to do, here are some coaching facts and tips that I have learned.

The first thing is that coaching is extremely challenging. Some kids will push your boundaries of patience, but sticking with it is worth it. Another thing to keep in mind is the parents.

The parents want the best for their kids, which can put you in a tough situation. Many worry about playing time, which is a legitimate concern. But the thing that you need to keep the focus on, is ensuring the development of every child. If you can show that your priority is working with each kid individually to improve their playing then it will make the relationship with the parents better.

This means that you have to be extremely adaptable. I have seen it time and again, where coaches get tunnel-visioned by what they think is best. You have to keep in mind that every kid is different, so being adaptable to their learning needs is crucial.

This does require a lot of patience. This is probably one of the most challenging things to have, but keeping in mind the goal is key. If you’re losing our patience, take a deep breath, and think about the goal of helping the kids.

Another important tip is to remember that they are kids and having fun should still be a priority. You do want to push them to be better, but remember that fun breaks are just as important.

If your goal is to help the kids improve on their skills, then sticking with it and seeing their growth as players are worth every second on it. These coaching facts and tips can be used for any sport like soccer, football, basketball, and baseball. Just make sure that you are coaching to help the development of players and not have any other motive.