Ed Reed
Ed Reed wants to get into back coaching as long as it’s not with Rex Ryan again. He did not like Ryan’s staff in Buffalo (Bill Wippert/Associated Press)

Ed Reed goes into the Hall of Fame tonight as the greatest Safety in NFL history. We may not have seen the last of Reed. The former Ravens safety wants back in on coaching. Reed tried to get into coaching in 2016 with the Bills under Rex Ryan but he hated it. Whether it was Ryan or coaches on his staff, Reed did not like they way those guys handled business.

“I was listening to coaches calling players, ‘Dumb this,’ and [expletives], but you’re not coaching them,” he said, via the Buffalo News. “You’re yelling at them, but you’re not coaching them. You’re mad at them, but you’re not coaching them the proper way. Just ‘paper coaching’ is not the proper way to do it.”

“You had people that were just hard-headed, man,” Reed said. “Honestly. Just grown men like hard-headed, like don’t want to work with you. I know I have the abilities to be a head coach or D-coordinator. It’s something I wouldn’t mind doing. But it’s tough being a player and going back and doing something like that, because egos get in the way.”

I have to be honest, this sounds like a Belichick guy. Bill needs to hire him. Reed feels like he would fit in well. I don’t know how Belichick does it but Reed described him perfectly without trying. Belichick doesn’t yell too often but he’s a great teacher. Get Ed Reed on this staff now.

The quotes he said about Rex Ryan or his staff is no surprise. Ryan was always known as more of a motivator rather than a great head coach. Ryan did have some great defenses in Baltimore but wasn’t much of an adapter. Ryan was going to bring the heat and that was that.

Reed may have been the smartest safety in the history of football. Nobody read the quarterback better than Reed. In 13 career seasons, Reed has 64 interceptions. He’s the best safety I ever watched.