Harry Vendetta
Coach Harry Vendetta should be fired after a piss poor offseason. Our NFL Head Coach 09 series is off to a horrendous start. (NFL Head Coach)

Coach Harry Vendetta Should Be Fired After A Piss Poor Offseason

My heart hurts. I feel like I have been betrayed. I couldn’t be more disappointed.

Our guy Jackson Law started an NFL Head Coach 09 series. At first, I was thrilled. It’s arguably my favorite video game of all-time. I put a minimum of 200 hours into the game. That’s probably a ridiculously low number.

When Jackson said he was starting the series, I was pumped. I even wrote a post about how they need to bring back the series. I’m not joking when I say NFL Head Coach was my first true love.

NOW… I feel like I was stabbed in the heart. After watching the first episode of Jackson’s series, I feel like I was hit by a car. When I say trainwreck, I mean it.

After watching the first episode of Jackson’s series. I only have one thing to say. Harry Vendetta needs to be fired for the most egregious offseason in the history of the NFL Head Coach 09 game.

The offseason got off to such a strong start. Asante Samuel is a great signing. After that, things went downhill… FAST. Jackson blew all his cap space on bums like Karlos Dansby, Stacy Andrews, and Ben Noll.

Jackson also traded his starting quarterback Trent Edwards for a bag of peanuts. It was the only trade he made. Jackson didn’t care about building a winner. He was fine with trotting out the same old Bills. He didn’t even bother trying to look for the best offer. He spread his legs wide open for a 4th round pick.

The Draft went a little better but not much. Jackson was able to secure Joe Flacco, DeSean Jackson, Calais Campbell, and Mario Manningham. Not a bad draft but there were essentially no trades and he punted on the later rounds. Jackson even admitted he almost cut his 4th round pick, Chevis Jackson. Does that sound like a competent front office guy to you?

There’s no plan in Buffalo. Jackson’s team got shelled week one against the Seahawks. Worse yet, he drafted Joe Flacco and put the coaching skill set to pure passer. That’s not putting Joe in a position to succeed. Only a rookie makes that mistake.

It was a rushed offseason. It was a piss poor offseason. My heart hearts. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this disappointed in Jackson. Worse yet, Jackson didn’t even bother streaming the game when I could have watched and commented for advice. Jackson doesn’t care about my NFL Head Coach expertise.

Do I have to make a rival NFL Head Coach series now? I feel like that’s where I’m at with the series. I’ll name my coach Groomed Vendetta. It would be more fitting cause the Harry version is a flat out mess. FIRE HARRY VENDETTA!