Cleveland Guardians
Credit: @Indians on Twitter

After years of criticism from indigenous communities and other groups, the Cleveland Indians will be no more. Instead, they will now be known as the Cleveland Guardians. This is the logo and team name that will take effect after this season:

Via @FOS on Twitter

First Reaction

When I first saw it, I honestly did not mind it. I find when I see a sports team change its logo or jerseys, my first thought is that the change sucks. In this case, however, I had a different reaction. The lettering and the logo are similar to those of the Indians, and I am glad they decided to stick to a pleasing font.

I am not necessarily the biggest fan of the new name, the Cleveland Guardians, but I imagine I will grow to appreciate it. After all, this is just what happens when teams change names (the New Orleans Pelicans being a prime example).

As always, you cannot make everyone happy, and this change got a lot of hate on social media.

The bridge in question is the Hope Memorial Bridge, which is guarded by two “guardians” on both sides of the road, hence the name. They made the right choice in picking a name that is related to the city, as there were plenty of names that were in no way related to Cleveland. As for the people getting mad, let them hate. Who cares. This was the only decision that was feasible, and they did the best they could do with it.

One Down, One to Go

The other pro sports team that is about to change its name is the Washington Football Team, the temporarily worst name in football. After seeing this announcement and name, I doubt whether or not the WFT can top this announcement. That team has been stalling for a couple of years and the fact that they keep pushing it back means they have nothing good. Also, they have one of the worst owners in sports, so I am sure they will botch the decision horribly, making the Guardians name that much better.

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