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USMNT and Chelsea star Christian Pulisic has received death threats on social media regarding a video showing him falling on a fish. (Photo Credit: Jack Dempsey, Associated Press)

Christian Pulisic Has Received Death Threats Over Video With Fish

USMNT and Chelsea star Christian Pulisic has received death threats over a video where he fell on a fish, according to his father, Mark. The video, which Pulisic posted on his Instagram, shows him juggling a ball on the side of a fishing boat with an Atlantic Goliath grouper floating on the surface of the water. After a few juggles, the Champions League winner lost control of the ball and tumbled into the ocean and onto the grouper.

After getting up out of the water, Pulisic is seen laughing with some other people on the boat. The video was met with backlash from Blue Planet Society, an organization devoted to “campaigning to end the overexploitation of the world’s ocean.” In a response on Twitter, they said, “Abusing a threatened goliath grouper for a social media video is a new low.” Atlantic Goliath groupers are classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a vulnerable species.

According to his father, Mark Pulisic, the 22-year-old has been receiving death threats concerning the video’s apparent lack of empathy towards the fish. In an appearance on The Byline, Mark was asked about the effect social media has on his son and whether he takes note of it. Mark had this to say in response:

“What hurts him more is the cancel culture. If he wants to post something on the internet, and idiots are hiding behind computers. People are just waiting to hate because of their jealousy. That bothers him a lot more.”

VIA Sporting News

“It’s the most ridiculous thing. Christian is such an animal lover. He has horses, he doesn’t want to see animals hurt. Unfortunately, he has got death threats regarding it and it’s got to the point where people are saying they want him in jail.”

VIA Sporting News

“If you wanna talk about his game, and you wanna say he had a shitty game… go for it. But when you don’t really know the situation, what happened that day, on the boat, or you don’t really know Christian what he is as a person, shut your mouth.”

VIA The Byline on YouTube/The Byline

You can listen to the full clip regarding social media, Christian and his father’s take here:

Now that you’re all caught up on the facts, let me say my piece.

To send someone death threats over a rather harmless stunt is beyond ridiculous. Yes, the grouper is classified as ‘vulnerable,’ and there’s no denying that. I’m sure if Pulisic could go back, he A) would have ideally not fallen in the ocean and on the fish, but B) just not recorded the video.

These athletes endure enough abuse because of their performances on the pitch, and yet when he is enjoying his summer and happens to fall on a fish that, according to a pinned – and unpinned – comment on Instagram, was released is ridiculous. Keyboard warriors need to have something better to do with their time. And maybe I fall into that category, but I’m not wishing someone death threats because they unintentionally fell on a fish on a fishing trip. Find something better to do with your time and don’t wish harm on a 22-year-old.


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