Chris Davis
Chris Davis doesn’t just suck. He’s the worst baseball player in the history of the sport #birdland (Evan Habeeb/USA TODAY Sports)

The person in charge of trotting out Chris Davis in the every day Orioles lineup should be thrown in jail. Davis has somehow managed to not only become the worst player in Major League Baseball, but has also totally screwed the Orioles at the same time. It’s time for the Orioles to just cut their losses and flat out release Davis.

The decision to give Crush Davis 7-year, $161 million contract may go down as the worst decision ever made in the history of baseball. What did Davis do to earn that contract? Well, sure as hell not nearly enough. Only a complete total moron thought Davis was a productive player prior to the contract, to begin with. Yeah, I’m thinking about you, Jim Bowden. You exile yourself to a remote island where no one can hear your voice again you stupid dumb f*ck. Okay, back to Davis.

In 2013, Davis actually made an All-Star team and jacked 53 bombs. In 2015, Davis hit 47 homers. Outside of that, he’s done NOTHING. Orioles should have seen the signs coming. In 2014, the guy hit .196! Sorry but if you hit .196 ever in any given season, you should never get anything more than a one-year prove it contract. Of course, once Davis got paid, he just started swinging out of his shoes not giving a single F*ck and striking out like a crazy person.

Since Davis signed the mega contract in 2016, there is no question that he has been the worst player in the sport. He’s been so bad that Oriole fans are drinking themselves to death. That’s 100 percent serious. In 2018, Davis statically had the worst season of any player in history. He hit .168/.243/.296. In 470 at-bats, Davis struck out 192 times.

These next stats I’m going to show you will blow your mind. The Orioles slugger is 1 for his last 52. I repeat. He has 1 hit in his last 52 at-bats to date. That is a 0.19 batting average. Oh, he also struck out 28 of those 52 at-bats. WTF!

Wait! I’m not done. Now we’re going to compare Zack Greinke to Chris Davis. Greinke is a pitcher.

Zack Greinke’s 547 career PA’s:
105 H
25 2B
8 HR
44 R
30 RBI
101 SO
24 BB
43 SH
4 SF

Chris Davis’ last 547 PA’s:
79 H
12 2B
16 HR
40 R
50 RBI
203 SO
45 BB
4 SF

This is insanity. Davis doesn’t just stink. He doesn’t even belong in the sport. He’s striking out 35 percent of the time since 2016. He’s only getting worse too somehow. The Orioles are stuck paying Davis $17 million a year through the 2022 season. The reality is the O’s just need to cut him from the roster. The contract is guaranteed but playing him isn’t a better alternative. The Orioles need to tell Davis to go away. Now that’s the American dream. Getting $68 million to go away. Baltimore also has to pay Davis $42 million in deferred money through 2037. Davis isn’t just the worst player in baseball. He’s totally screwing the Orioles franchise.