Chris Davis
A local bar in Baltimore is offering free shots any time Chris Davis gets a hit but that doesn’t happen too often (Nick Wass / AP)

The Baltimore Orioles stink. The Orioles don’t just stink, they are bad for local businesses. The poster child of the Orioles struggles has been overpaid slugger, Chris Davis. The same guy who signed a 7-year deal worth $161 million in the winter of 2016 is now on pace to be the worst player statistically in the history of baseball. I’m not kidding either. Don’t use the bathroom after Davis because his stink is just a lingering smell of losing at this point. Davis has a batting line of .150/.227/.227 with four home runs and 15 RBI in 229 plate appearances. The only player who has recorded enough at-bats to qualify for a batting title and post an OPS of below .500 is Hal Lanier, who had a .461 OPS for the 1968 Giants and a .494 for the ’67 Giants. With Davis, 32, being a fan favorite of owner Peter Angelos, his playing time probably won’t be cut either.

With Crush Davis ripping the heart out of the local fans in Baltimore, a local bar has gotten creative to try to hide his stink. Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun reports that a bar in Baltimore is offering free shots any time the $161 million man gets a hit.

The bar is named Bartenders Pub where it is located at 2218 Boston Street in Baltimore. Bartenders Pub offers up a signature Dr. Pepper shot, which is a blend of amaretto and Miller High Life beer in Pony bottles. Take a look at what owner Dana Coker had to say about the O’s miserable season.

“Baseball season for us is big business. With the team not doing so well, it’s affected our business. We just can’t seem to do any specials that encourage people to come to the bar and watch baseball with us.” Coker added, “We’re just trying to give people a reason to come out and watch the games again.”

Davis is under contract with Baltimore through 2022. He will earn $23 million per season. Davis used to be a guy that struck out a lot but at least hit his fair share of home runs. Now he’s just doing nothing but strikeout. Hey, at least people can start going to Orioles games because they have no choice but to drop ticket prices.