Chaim Bloom
Chaim Bloom said the obvious today. The Red Sox “have a lot of work to do” You don’t say? Boston has the worst record in the American League. (Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

You don’t say, Chaim. As of today, the Boston Red Sox have the worst record in the American League. To be honest with you, I’m not even mad as a Red Sox fan. I’m not mad at Chaim Bloom either. The Red Sox stink because Dave Dombrowski was too arrogant and decided there was no need to develop a single pitcher during his tenure as GM. It’s why I advocated for him to be fired.

Chaim Bloom talked about where the Sox stand. He said the obvious. There’s a lot of work to do here:

“This isn’t what any of us want,” Bloom told The Boston Globe on Sunday. “There’s a lot of work to do.”

“Obviously the results have not been what we wanted,” Bloom said. “We knew that we were down a couple of pitchers and that this was going to be an area of our team that was a work in progress, and certainly we’ve gotten really poor results so far.”

“From Day 1 here, I felt like long-term sustainability needed to be a really important priority here,” said Bloom, who is in his first year with the organization. “How we started, you have to weigh that in. We want to compete, but we have to prioritize our big-picture goals.”

Bloom is saying the right stuff here. Personally, I knew this team wasn’t going to be competitive for a number of reasons. Losing Mookie Betts is devastating but that’s like reason 6. Here are the top 5.

1: Dave Dombrowski didn’t develop 1 pitcher. Seriously NOT ONE.

2: Chris Sale and Eduardo Rodriguez haven’t made a single start. Nor did Boston even try to replace David Price when they traded him. Can’t pitch, can’t win.

3: The bullpen is still a joke. There were zero upgrades made to the pen. One that outside of Brandon Workman had nobody capable.

4: Ron Roenicke might be the single worst leader I’ve ever seen. I could do a better job managing that team. When you lose Alex Cora, the clubhouse was always going to collapse.

5: Chaim Bloom knew this team wasn’t going to win. Therefore, he didn’t try to make significant upgrades that might damage the future.

I said this pretty much from day one. My hope was to get the number one pick in a shortened season that nobody will remember two years from now anyway. If there was a time to tank, this is the year. Feed ME Kumar Rocker.