CC Sabathia La Russa
CC Sabathia blasts Tony La Russa for being an idiot. Sabathia hit the nail on the head on his podcast R2C2 cursing up a storm. (Bill Kostroun /AP)

CC Sabathia Blasts Tony La Russa For Being An Idiot

CC Sabathia won’t be the first or last person to blast Tony La Russa, but god did he hit the nail on the head. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me catch you up.

La Russa was mad at Yermin Mercedes for hitting a homer on a 3-0 count off a position player later in the game. The Twins threw at the Yerminator and La Russa somehow defended the Twins instead of his own player. No, that’s not a typo. You read that right. New intern Evan wrote a story on it that you can read here.

On the R2C2 podcast, Sabathia lost it when talking about La Russa. His comments are absolutely perfect.

“Tony La Russa is out of touch with the game. He should not be managing one of the best teams in the American League period,” former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia said on the R2C2 podcast. “If you’re going to put a f—ing position player in there to pitch, guess what? If he’s going to lob s— over the plate, we going to f—-ing tee off.”

“This guy has been carrying you. And now you don’t have a problem with the f—ing weird-a– Minnesota Twins throwing behind one of your biggest hitters?” Sabathia added. “That’s just f—ing stupid. It’s stupid.”

“He shouldn’t be f—ing managing that team. If you not going to step up and have your players; backs, what’s the point of being the f—ing manager of the White Sox?”

Amen. The unwritten rules in baseball are so stupid to begin with for a multitude of reasons. The idea that a manager wouldn’t defend his own player for hitting a home run is where it gets laughable. I’m so glad Sabathia said what he said. Let’s be honest; La Russa is the only thing holding the White Sox back because on paper, they’re an awesome baseball team.

Tim Anderson doesn’t like his manager. La Russa somehow got the job despite getting hit with a DUI, and now he wants his own players getting thrown at. La Russa needs to be sent out to pasture. Hopefully, CC Sabathia isn’t the last one to call out La Russa for his idiotic thought process.

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