Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Carson Wentz makes his NFL debut today at 1 ET (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)

Carson Wentz is making his NFL debut today for the Philadelphia Eagles today at 1 ET against the Browns. Wentz only saw 39 snaps during the preseason due to a rib injury in the first preseason game. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported on GameDay First  that the Eagles plan on throwing Wentz into the fire opening up the entire playbook for the first year man from North Dakota State.

“There will be no limitations on him and on the playbook this week, much as that might be hard to understand,” Garafolo said. “The reason for that is during the preseason he was in the coaches’ ears while they were game planning and putting everything together saying ‘I like this,’ ‘I don’t like this.’ He wasn’t even playing, he was down with a broken rib, but acting like he was the starter. They love this kid. They love his confidence. They love the knowledge of the playbook. Once they committed to him as the starter, after the Sam Bradford trade, they said they would do it with no limitations.”

Most people believed that Wentz would need some time to sit and learn considering the high jump from an FCS school. Only two quarterbacks have starter season openers from an FCS school (Phil Simms & Joe Flacco).