Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Dak Prescott makes his Cowboys debut today (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Carson Wentz isn’t the only rookie quarterback set to make his NFL debut. Rookie 4th round pick Dak Prescott is also set to start at the 4 o’clock game against the Giants. After a dazzling preseason, there is now word within the Cowboys that suggests Dak Prescott could keep the job for good. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday morning on NFL GameDay First that the door is wide open for Prescott to retain the starting job.

“From my understanding, talking to Cowboys people over the last several weeks, the door is open, though slightly, for Dak Prescott to come in and impress enough and potentially take Tony Romo’s job, which is something that would have sounded crazy just a couple months ago,” Rapoport said. “In fact, when I talked to Stephen Jones a couple weeks ago, he actually brought up, himself, the Brady-Bledsoe comparison from 2001. This year is much different from last year. They are not sitting around waiting for Tony Romo to return. The confidence in Dak Prescott is palpable. They are going forward with him and whenever Romo returns, they will address that when it comes.”

Dak will be the 20th different starting quarterback for the Cowboys since 1999. In 2015 Dallas went 1-11 without Tony Romo. The Cowboys are obviously optimistic that Prescott can keep them afloat for the division crown at the very least.