Cam Newton
Cam rushes for a touchdown in Sunday’s 21-11 win over the Dolphins.(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Cam Newton has been an afterthought in the NFL since the Carolina Panthers lost Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos. Five years later, coming off a foot injury that forced Cam to miss almost all of last season, he now has a new team, the New England Patriots.

The Carolina days are over for Cam, and he looks energized and excited for the first time in a long time. There were a lot of people that thought the Patriots would crumble once Tom Brady retired. It seems Bill Belichick, one of the games all-time great coaches has something else in mind.

Cam Newton Resurgence

Newton rushed for 75 yards and two scores while completing 15 out of 19 passes for 155 yards and getting the win. Cam isn’t the player he once was in 2015, but after Sunday, he’s going to open a lot of sleeping eyes this season. Fans should’ve seen this when the Panthers released him. Bill and Tom didn’t see eye to eye anymore, and the divorce was coming. With Newton waiting out there in free agency, it was almost too perfect. It isn’t going to be just a statement year for Cam either; with the defense, they have up in Foxborough, the Patriots are right back in the Super Bowl picture.

Evil Emperor Belichick

Belichick replaces old Tom Brady, who isn’t off to a great start in Tampa, with a shiny new QB in Cam Newton. Newton not only opens up the playbook now as defenses still have to watch for Cam’s running ability but now that lackluster offense the Patriots had last year just got revamped entirely by the former Heisman winner.

It’s honestly amazing as to what the Patriots do every year. It seems like no matter who they have, Belichick wins no matter what. Bold prediction time Cam Newton wins Super Bowl MVP, and Bill Belichick wins Coach of The Year. If the Patriots have taught us anything, it’s they are never out of the Super Bowl conversation.