Cam Akers
Cam Akers really wants a girlfriend so he went to Twitter to let everyone know about it. The Rams starting running back is desperate to find love and I’m here for it. (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Cam Akers Really Wants A Girlfriend

NFL players get lonely too. Everybody has their method for taking shots. Cam Akers decided to make his a bit more public. As the starting running back of the Los Angeles Rams, he has a bit more clout than I do to pull this move. Hey, we just want Cam to find love and that’s exactly what he’s trying to do.

Akers posted on Twitter that he really wants a girlfriend. Actually, scratch that. He wants to find his WIFE NOW.

Akers, 21, is one of the rising stars at the running back position. It won’t be long until he’s a household name. Hey, Akers in reality, is making a wise choice. He wants to find his forever lady before everybody knows who he is. He’s still on that rookie contract too so Akers has no time for those women that just want his money.

This is not the method I would have went with, but I can’t judge. During the pandemic, maybe this is the way to find love. Just throw it out there on Twitter and see who bites on the bait. If you look through Akers’ mentions, he has some candidates in there. They come in all shapes, genders, and nationalities. This is dating apps on crack. Akers may have cracked the code.

Some of his teammates gave him a hard time. Most notably Darrell Henderson. Bold move by Henderson. Akers could have soned him at any time and just said “that’s why you’re my back up bro”. You don’t come back from that one.

I don’t know what the TV executives are waiting for. Cam Akers on the bachelor? I don’t even watch that show but I’d tune in to see him. It’s gotta be better than that Travis Kelce love show, right?

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