A bartender somewhere in the world is currently serving ass beer.

Guys this chick is serving ass beer. Jon Taffer’s head is literally FUCKING EXPLODING right now. No seriously, can someone check on Jon and make sure he hasn’t had a brain aneurysm.

Jon Taffer host of Bar Rescue on FX

Like I get it this chick is hot and I know y ‘all are all about eating ass, but can’t we leave the booty licking in the bedroom?

Seriously, guys, you don’t know where her ass has been. Are y’ all willing to bet she ain’t take not one poop when she got to work? Look, I have enough anxiety about whether or not the employee’s washed their hand after using the restroom. Now you want me to worry they are washing their ass after every use?

Y’ all gonna fuck around and order a lite beer and end up with a Guinness. Did anyone else notice the distinct pop when the glass was removed?

I don’t know about you, but I can only think of one thing that could have caused a vacuum seal like that. Yup, you guessed it, the glass made direct contact with her butthole.

Also, I haven’t addressed the most disturbing fact about this chicks ass pour. Look at all that wasted beer. She pours enough for like 3.5 pints and only gets one out of it.

BTW there is a second video and I can’t think of a more perfect song to play in the background.

Fucking Dancing Queen by Abba is randomly on at this bar that sells ass beer. You couldn’t make that shit up if you tried (see what I did there).

Fellas, honestly, what would be worse? Your daughter grows up to serve ass beer or starts stripping? Personally, I’d pay for my daughter’s stripping lessons. I’m all for women’s empowerment but ass beer ain’t it.