Bryson DeChambeau
(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Brooks Koepka Is Living Rent-Free In Bryson DeChambeau’s Head

Bryson DeChambeau is having fans kicked out of the second round of the Memorial Tournament for calling him “Brooksy”, per Zac Jackson via Twitter. DeChambeau recently bragged on social media about the fact that he lives in Brooks Koepka’s head rent-free, but it now appears that Koepka lives in a giant mansion inside DeChambeau’s head.

A video went viral recently of DeChambeau getting mad at a fan saying “Alright, Brooksy” during his warm-ups last week. This time around, DeChambeau took it to the extreme and made the police escort several fans away for calling him “Brooksy”. Wow. This is an absolute bush league move by DeChambeau considering he has likely heard fans actually cussing at him during rounds and he never kicked anybody out until now.

After the recent social media wars and jabs in press conferences, it appears that both Koepka and DeChambeau live in each other’s heads rent-free, and their beef is the most entertaining aspect of golf. Bryson DeChambeau is actually willing to kick people out of a golf tournament for referencing his quarrel with Koepka, which is just crazy to say out loud.

As this Memorial Tournament rolls on this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for both Koepka and DeChambeau on the leaderboards. Either that or play a drinking game and take a shot for every time DeChambeau kicks out a fan when he gets triggered.

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