Bruce Arians
Bruce Arians is not f*cking around. He wants to cut 60 guys off the roster right now. (Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)

Bruce Arians is changing the culture one day at a time. Tampa Bay hasn’t had a fighting chance in years. Nobody can win with Dirk Koetter as their head coach. Matt Ryan was couldn’t win with him. Neither could Jameis Winston. Talent is not the issue in Tampa Bay. Arians knows he has to get these guys to buy in. The one’s that don’t well, they’re gone.

Arians has gotten frustrated with some of the players on his roster. Check that. I should say a lot of players. If it were up to Arians, he would cut 60 guys right now:

“Our rookies have gotten close to 500 snaps,” Arians said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “So we kind of know what they can do now. It would be easy to cut down to 60 right now for me. But again we’ve got preseason games coming up, and maybe guys can show up more when the lights come on than they have in practice. They’ve put in the time. . . . We’re right on schedule.”

I love this move. Light a fire right under everyone’s ass. I’m a believer in Arians. He’s going to get these guys to win. Arians has been lauded as a great teacher. He’s also not going to put up with bullshit. Vernon Hargreaves is a classic example of an underachiever in Tampa. Arians benched him on the first day of practice.

I’m just telling you this right now. Don’t sleep on Tampa. It has a Bill Parcells – Dallas feel to it. Jameis Winston is going to look like a totally different guy. He finally has a chance. I might be a year too soon on this but Tampa is turning things around. Arians is going to make sure of it.