Bronny James Zaire Wade
Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

That’s right. Two HIGH SCHOOLERS and their team have more nationally televised games than some NBA teams. Of course, these are not just any high schoolers. These are the sons of future Hall of Famers Lebron James and Dwyane Wade respectively. Still, that is mindboggling. The hype around these two players is more important than the NBA players in the league today. Sure, I get it, these kids are going to be really good. I don’t mind they’re getting national attention, but more than NBA teams? That’s ridiculous. Bronny James & Zaire Wade have FIFTEEN national games this year. THAT’S INSANE. Sure, they’re not getting more than a lot of NBA teams right?

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Bronny James & Zaire Wade have more nationally televised games than NINETEEN NBA teams. 19! Look, as I said, I get the hype, but when we are having high schoolers have more nationally televised games than more than half the NBA, that’s ridiculous. They only have 2 fewer games than the Denver Nuggets, an NBA Title Contender. They have one game fewer than the Utah Jazz, another top-tier NBA team. It’s not just the bad teams they have more games than, but actual good teams that people want to see. I could be wrong, but I am sure there are more fans of actual NBA teams than these two highschoolers, no matter who their dad is.

This is when NBA hype around prospects gets out of hand. No, these kids aren’t just regular kids. But we’re missing the point, they’re kids, plain and simple. People want to watch NBA games, not some high school kids. If they want to watch high schoolers play, they can just go to a high school game, like a normal person. Let kids be kids and show NBA games. These kids have time for plenty of publicity in their lifetime with college and their eventual NBA careers. Put some respect on the people already in the NBA, they deserve their time and publicity too.