Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman continues to remain delusional about Sonny Gray’s trade value (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

The Yankees hate Sonny Gray and everyone knows it. That’s not a secret. The weirdest move of all time was Yankees GM Brian Cashman coming out and saying that he will trade Sonny Gray. There was no hiding it. Gray will be moved. The problem is, Cashman has completely lost his mind when it comes to Gray’s trade value.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post had details on Cashman’s search to trade Gray. Talk about shooting your shot:

“The Yankees asked the Reds for outfielder Taylor Trammell, whom has ranked as the 17th-best prospect in the majors. As you would expect, Cincinnati was not interested in that conversation. Keep in mind that the Yankees could ask for a lot and then settle for considerably less and also that they could sweeten a deal for Gray by including a prospect or two.”

I can’t knock a guy for shooting his shot. I’ve never been the guy that flys into DM’s. That’s just not me. It’s one thing to shoot your shot. It’s another thing to only try to date A-list celebrities. I hope the Reds told Cashman to go fornicate himself. Yeah, let’s hand over the 17th ranked prospect in baseball for a pitcher who sucks.

Gray notched a 4.90 ERA a year ago. His WHIP of 1.496 is awful. He also comes with just one more year of team control and not a cheap year of control. His arbitration number will likely come in at around $9 million.

The most hilarious part of this whole thing is Sonny Gray used to be good. Even when he was good, the A’s didn’t get a huge return from the Yankees the first time he was dealt. James Kaprielian, Jorge Mateo and Dustin Fowler were acquired from the Yankees for Gray and neither of which are ranked in the top 100. Apparently, Cashman wants to top that return despite the fact that Gray’s stock has plummeted.

I’m fascinated to see what Gray fetches. I’ll be shocked if it’s anything of value.