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Boston Red Sox 2022 MLB Trade Deadline Primer

Boston Red Sox
What will Chaim Bloom do during the 2022 MLB Trade Deadline? Official predictions for the Boston Red Sox at the deadline. (Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

Boston Red Sox 2022 MLB Trade Deadline Primer

Let’s call it a mix between predictions and free advice? We will try, to keep it as short and concise as we can while providing all the valuable information needed. What do you say? Are you in for this read? C’mon join me, it will be fun. Any baseball fan will love it regardless of which fandom you are. It’s….. TIME (Bruce Buffer voice) for your Boston Red Sox 2022 MLB Trade Deadline primer.

How about we start with the obvious? This is your fault. Blame whoever you want; Chaim Bloom, Sam Kennedy, John Henry, LeBron. It doesn’t matter to me. As long as we can all acknowledge the Sox could have really won this year.

The Sox got rid of Hunter Renfroe’s bat and failed to replace him. I was totally okay with the trade but to not replace the bat was crazy. Jackie Bradley needed to be the 4th outfielder. Certainly not an everyday player anymore. That’s asking to lose games.

They did the same thing with Kyle Schwarber. It was imperative they kept him at all costs. Even if they didn’t, his bat needed to be replaced. If you lose Schwarber, it better be because you didn’t want to match the contract and traded for Josh Bell instead. Not because you went totally cheap and decided the gag bros. duo of Dalbec / Cordero was going to get it done. It never had a prayer at working. Keep in mind, Travis Shaw made the opening day roster and started the season 0-19 before getting cut.

Selling is currently the correct call but it has to be clarified that management botched this offseason. They didn’t do everything in their power to win this year. As we know, the Chinese farmer also says maybe. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise. If the Red Sox actually want to increase their chances of keeping Xander Bogaerts and signing Rafael Devers to an extension, it starts with getting below the luxury tax this year.

That may sound counterintuitive but it’s true. The fact of the matter is, the Red Sox really aren’t paying anybody outside of Chris Sale and Trevor Story. If the Sox can actually clear some cash during the deadline, fitting Xander under the tax and still having plenty of room to spare is more than possible. The offseason is a story for another day but it’s something to keep in mind.

Since there was no agreement to install an International Draft (which is something every big market supporter should be rooting against) the qualifying rule is still in place. Xander Bogaerts, JD Martinez, Nathan Eovaldi, and maybe even Christian Vazquez will be given one. If they accept, they will be back with the team for at least one more year. If they decline, Boston will receive draft pick compensation. That compensation becomes much higher if the Sox go under the tax. The acquisition team also forfeits a draft pick and international bonus pool money. Long story short; the Sox have leverage on any of those pieces minus Bogaerts who they rightfully told isn’t being moved. Nor should he.

Martinez apparently has two known suitors right now. The Dodgers and the Mets are both reportedly interested. I would assume the Mets will be the more aggressive suitor since that appears to be the Steve Cohen motto. He’s not afraid to open up his pocket book like some of these other owners. New York has also already made trades to acquire Michael Perez, Daniel Vogelbach, and Tyler Naquin so far and that’s just including July.

It appears the Mets could be in Martinez and or Vazquez. We also have word, Boston would likely want infield prospect Mark Vientos in return. Tomás Nido could also be included and is under team control through 2024. All of that sounds like music to my ears. While the Mets prospect system is starting to become baren, Vientos is an interesting hitting prospect.

Vientos, 22, has 18 homers in AAA and is currently on the 40 man roster. There is some swing and miss potential which is concerning but this is about the best you’re going to do for rentals. It’s a bat the Sox should be taking a gamble on. It could be one with massive power potential. The Red Sox need a first base – DH type beyond Triston Casas. Vientos would replace Martinez’ spot on the roster immediately. So would Nido for Vazquez.

It sounds like the Mets would potentially add more to the deal too. For Boston, this is just all about adding years of control. It improves your team for next year while freeing up a ton of money. Given the Mets level of aggression, I think you can maybe expect this deal to happen. Vientos and Nido would be a good start to any deal. I’m just not sure who you would target beyond that.

I actually think the Dodgers could make more sense. If there is a way to get both even better but I would target this Miguel Vargas in a deal. That guy can hit. Similar age, size, and positional versatility. It would appear the Dodgers are more linked to Martinez but the same thing applies. Vargas could replace Martinez’ spot in the lineup right away. He’s 22 and tearing the cover off the ball in AAA. I’d prefer Vargas over Vientos.

My best guess is Chaim finds a way to do a three team deal with the Mets. He sends both Vazquez and Martinez to New York for Vientos, Nido, and prospects that come from the Mets and a third team. We’ll see if I’m right.

That should really get you under the tax. It’s then a question of what you’re going to do with Nathan Eovaldi. He hasn’t pitch well down the stretch but you feel good about giving him a one year run next year. He can still pump it in there when hot. Great in big games too. It’s all about the offer here. Does it beat the second rounder you can get if he declines the qualifying offer? If not, he can stay. Even if a trade is worked out, Eovaldi actually seems likely to re-sign anyway. He loves playing in Boston.

I’ll say this, if there is a team that could become aggressive for Eovaldi, it’s the Phillies. Dave Dombrowski only plays this game one way. He cares about today and does not care about tomorrow. Don’t forget, Chaim Bloom traded Eovaldi to Dombrowski once upon a time. That was when the Rays traded Eovaldi to Dombrowski’s 2018 World Series champion team.

Is he crazy enough to throw in a guy like Mick Abel if you entice him enough by throwing in an extra reliever for his troubles? It’s a call you should be interested to hear. That’s all I’ll say.

Smaller side notes:

Beyond that if you can find a taker for any of the rentals, you do it. Michael Wacha, Rich Hill, Matt Strahm, Kevin Plawecki, you do it. Francy Cordero, Bobby Dalbec, Jarren Duran, and Rob Refsnyder should also be on the block despite coming with years of control. I’d strongly consider making a strong push to attach Jackie Bradley, Jake Diekman, and Matt Barnes to a deal to help clear money for next year.


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