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Jalen Tolbert

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How Much Dynasty Value Does Jalen Tolbert Have?

Jalen Tolbert
How much fantasy football dynasty value does Jalen Tolbert have? Dallas may have found a gem but can he really overtake Michael Gallup? (Smiley N. Pool / Staff Photographer)

How Much Dynasty Value Does Jalen Tolbert Have?

In case you missed it, Aarav wrote a post about how he’s buying all of the Jalen Tolbert stock. With Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson both departing this offseason, there are targets to be had in the Cowboys offense. If Jalen Tolbert will be fantasy relevant right away, then how much dynasty potential does he have?

Tolbert, the Cowboys third round pick out of South Alabama, was an interesting prospect coming into the 2022 NFL Draft. The wide receiver class was about as staked as it gets. While Tolbert did come from a smaller school, he proved that he can play at the Senior Bowl. Can also run really well too. For a third round pick, Dallas probably made a smart gamble.

CeeDee Lamb is THE guy now and I get that. I want Lamb in fantasy. However, there may be one small note I disagree with in Aarav’s post. I don’t think we can just totally write off Michael Gallup even if he’s unlikely to start Week 1 because of injury. Gallup is damn good and Dallas invested $57 million into him for a reason.

Which guy emerges as the better target over the next five years? Is your money on Gallup or Tolbert? I’d lean Gallup. I think we’re forgetting how good he is. In year two, Gallup posted over 1,000 yards. Once Cooper showed up, his production was always going to dip. We have seen Gallup be a productive receiver in the past and is still young. We’re still unsure of what we’re getting in Tolbert. Rookie receivers are still unproven gambles.

One thing I’ll add is don’t go off the deep end and think you’re smart than everyone by drafting James Washington. He stinks and can’t catch. Aarav listed in his post how the recent practice reports indicate just that.

There are worse landing spots to be than Dallas even given some of their uncertainty. Mike McCarthy won’t be there forever. I like the shot on Tolbert but only like at the real end of drafts for $1. With those smaller receivers, it’s always hard to know when to start them. Best ball? Tolbert definitely would be higher on my list.

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