Mookie Betts
Blaming the Red Sox for trading Mookie Betts is silly. If anyone is unlikable in this situation, it’s Mookie. Crushing the Sox is idiotic. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

The Red Sox are getting crushed for trading Mookie Betts. Of course, the ordinary fan on Twitter isn’t capable of having much of a thought process. The truth of the matter is, blaming the Red Sox for trading Betts is ridiculous.

A: What has Mookie done with the Dodgers to prove he’s worth $365 million? He made a couple of big defensive plays and stole a base this postseason—big whoop. If you put the last name Bradley on the back of the #50 jersey for the Dodgers, you would laugh that guy got $365 million.

B: Mookie is incredibly unlikable in this situation if you’re not a Dodgers fan. Forever with the Red Sox, Mookie claimed he wanted to test free agency. He wasn’t interested in extension talks with Boston because he wanted to try the market. Get the highest possible dollar amount.

Look, I have no issue with someone trying to get the highest dollar amount—respect for trying to get the bag. BUT… now the story is starting to add up. Of course, Mookie reversed course and signed an extension with the Dodgers after being traded.

Screw Mookie. You don’t want to play for the Boston Red Sox; A team that’s been more successful than any team since the turn of the millennium in the sport, by the way. Boston is a GREAT baseball town. Dodger fans don’t even show up to the ballpark until the fourth inning. A team the Sox beat in the world series, too.

So now people will crush the Red Sox for trading a guy who didn’t want to be there? How does that make sense?

C: John Henry knows what he’s doing. He bought the Red Sox in 2003 after previous stints as the owner of the Florida Marlins and partial owner of the New York Yankees. Since that time, he delivered championships in 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018. Liverpool is also the class of the Premier League. Trying to act like Henry is a cheap or lousy owner is idiotic.

D: Alex Verdugo is outstanding… Verdugo had a batting line of .308/.367/.478. Jeter Downs also looks like a stud.

E: The history of these decade-plus contracts don’t usually work out. The Phillies screwed themselves with the Bryce Harper contract. The Tigers have been cap strung with Miguel Cabrera. The Marlins do not regret trading Giancarlo Stanton. The Cardinals do not regret moving on from Albert Pujols.

You can say whatever you want about Mookie Betts. Blaming the Red Sox for trading him is just comical. End of story.