Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin explains why he signed with the Brooklyn Nets. Does Brooklyn represent the best chance for Blake to cash in on a championship? (Raj Mehta)

After being bought out by the Pistons, Blake Griffin had options. No, he’s not close to the player he was during the Lob City Clipper heydays. As a spark plug off the bench? A team was always going to take a chance.

Why did Griffin sign with the Brooklyn Nets? Griffin answered that question in an AMA at Bleacher Report.

“They have a need for a four-man. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Steve Nash and all of the guys they have. Sean Marks has done a great job there. It was a tough decision and I wanted to be on a team that was contending.”

“My only goal is to help win a championship. Some years it’s more realistic than others. But that’s why I came to Brooklyn.”

I just want to bring up something I mentioned in my article when diving into the James Harden trade and why it was a no brainer. Every single player that hits the buyout market, Brooklyn should be at the top of their list. The depth issue will work itself out by the end of the season. Here is example number one. Now Griffin is a Net.

I can’t imagine he will be the only one either. Is Andre Drummond next? Griffin played with Drummond in Detroit. It feels like he could help pitch Drummond on being the center along with DeAndre Jordan. Who knows who else will get bought out. Point being, the Nets are going to be on the top of everyone’s list.

This Nets team is filled with star power. Sure, Griffin and Jordan are no longer in their primes. The trio of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden give the Nets a hell of a chance to bring a title back to Brooklyn.