Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin absolutely sucks at basketball. The Pistons are the worst team in the league and Griffin’s disappearance is a big reason why. (Raj Mehta)

Blake Griffin Absolutely Sucks At Basketball

The Pistons suck and I couldn’t be happier to see the good people of Detroit miserable. Why you might ask? Let me walk you through a quick backstory.

A couple of years ago, I wrote an NBA Trade Deadline winners and losers piece. Piston fans were not too happy with me for giving them an F for trading for Blake Griffin. Only a brain dead idiot would have thought the Pistons made a wise choice by trading for Blake. Even some blue checkmark loser Duncan took a shot at me.

Apparently, that assessment scarcely worth attention is now a reality. Blake Griffin absolutely sucks at basketball. The fact of the matter is, there’s no other way to word it. Griffin stinks so bad that even his own broadcaster hates him.

The Pistons are the worst team in the league largely thanks to their max contract bum. On the season, Griffin is shooting just 38.3% from the floor and 32.9% from 3. It doesn’t take long to notice that Griffin has no burst.

The Blake can’t dunk or even take below average defenders off the dribble anymore. Griffin always been a below average shooter but now he’s essentially a spot up shooter that often makes a joke out of himself.

Griffin has a $38.9 million player option for the 2021-22 season. Don’t worry ALL the max free agents are choosing Detroit! I guess that’s why this team was so desperate they were willing to make one of the worst trades in NBA history just to create some buzz.

The good people of Detroit are miserable and I can’t express how happy that makes me. Just remember, this is what they wanted. Blake Griffin was the savior of this franchise!