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Bill Belichick

(Jim Davis/ Boston Globe Staff)

Bill Belichick Needs to Adapt or Retire

Bill Belichick
(Jim Davis/ Boston Globe Staff)

Bill Belichick Needs to Adapt or Retire

After the New England Patriots lost in hilarious fashion to the Las Vegas Raiders, Bill Belichick must adapt or retire. Changes must be made.

The highlight of Sunday’s action when the Patriots traveled to Vegas to take on the Raiders was the final play of the game. It was absolute madness.

New England called a draw play with three seconds left on the clock near midfield on their side of the field. Rhamondre Stevenson runs it, then, before getting tackled, pitches it to Jakobi Meyers. Meyers then circles around and runs back towards his own side of the field and just tosses an absolute duck of a throw towards Mac Jones.

The ball ultimately never reaches the quarterback. Chandler Jones, a former Patriot, intercepts the pass and proceeds to stiff arm Mac Jones through the earth en route to the walk-off touchdown.

You can watch the madness unfold down below.

I have about a million questions.

First, why is Matt Patricia clapping after the first lateral? It did not seem like a ‘What the hell are we doing?’ frustration clap. But it was also not exactly a ‘This is all going according to plan,’ clap either.

So, was that a plan to lateral for chaos WHILE TIED? If it was a designed lateral, no one looked ready for it. Most of the players were ahead of the ball so it made no sense to have a designed lateral with maybe four people behind the ball carrier.

Also, what are we expecting Mac Jones to do even if he caught the prayer of a throw from Meyers? No one is behind him for another pitch, nor does he have the ridiculous athleticism like Lamar Jackson.

Though, the most important question is: does a Belichick coached team even try this?

Why is it even a possibility? Belichick has one of the worst-coached football teams in the NFL. Belichick is the reason the offensive coaching staff is a mess, he is the captain of this ship, and he has let them continue to be a poorly coached team for the entirety of this season.

If Bill Belichick cannot have a well-coached team, then it might be time for him to call it a career.

The Patriots cannot continue like this. If this was any other team everyone would be calling for the head coach’s job, Bill Belichick deserves that same criticism. The New England Patriots have been poorly coached all season, and that falls on Belichick.




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