BigFoot Family
BigFoot Family Netflix review. Probably built more for kids but overall I would quantify this film as average. Check out why. (Netflix)

BigFoot Family Netflix Review

Today I felt like I was losing my mind. I needed something to numb it. I was looking for just about anything to watch on Netflix. After watching (and reviewing) The Mitchells vs The Machines, I hopped on BigFoot Family next. I’m a big Family Guy fan but I rarely ever watch cartoons.

Would BigFoot Family live up to expectations or was this a big fat L. Let’s get to the review. As always, I try not to give away the spoilers so you can watch the movie or show for yourself. Let’s just say if you want to watch a cartoon family style movie, start with the Mitchell’s first.

Was this movie a home run? Nope. Would a kid potentially like it? For sure. I would just this film probably works better for a kid. There wasn’t enough humorous moments or surprising twists and turns.

The movie is about BigFoot and his family. They live a normal life except for the family of talking animals they also live with. BigFoot wants to use his fame for good reasons (which really makes this best as a kid’s movie). Some good lessons in there too for kids. Like being skeptical of who to trust and protecting the environment.

There were just some missed opportunities here. The talking animals could have been way funnier. BigFoot himself was kind of lame. I know his character was built to be a nerd but there wasn’t enough buzz there. It was really centered around the kid who looks nine and already has a massive crush on a girl… weird.

The movie wasn’t so bad that I regret watching it. It’s not something I’d recommend for another adult (unless they have a kid, maybe).