World Series Picks 2021
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The MLB season is just a few days away, and with the beginning of every season comes hope for a World Series title. I am a gambling guy, so I like to pick a few teams to throw some money on to win it all. Here are my World Series picks for 2021, and why I think they are worth the bet.

Before I get into my picks, just wanted to give a quick note on how I gamble on these futures. I don’t like to take the favorites, even early in the season when they are + money, it is still boring and to be honest, I rather take a longer shot and take the bigger payout.

There are two clear favorites the Dodgers (+350) and the Yankees (+550). The Dodgers are looking to repeat, and no team has repeated since the Yankees, and they won back to back to back in 1998-2000. The Dodgers did get better with the signing of Trevor Bauer, but they let a few of their key pieces from the last few years walk away. I know Milo laid out a few things they could do to repeat, but the last 20 years mean more to me than what a Dodgers fan thinks.

The Yankees on the other hand are the American League favorites to win, but the last year off-seasons for Brian Cashman have not been productive, and their inability to bring in key pieces midseason to bring them to the next level leaves them with their longest World Series drought since the 1980’s

San Diego Padres (+800)

The Padres have gotten so much better this offseason, and it comes in the division where they are going to need to keep up with the Dodgers. They brought in Yu Darvish and Blake Snell, two of the best starting pitchers in baseball to go along with Chris Paddack, and they also traded for Mike Clevenger.

The lineup in San Diego isn’t bad either, with the most exciting baseball player to watch Fernando Tatis Jr on the same side of the infield as Manny Machado. Both guys are capable of going yard in every at bat, so between their lineup and starting rotation +800 seems like a steal.

Atlanta Braves (+1000)

This one sucks for me to write, as a diehard Mets fan seeing the Braves win the whole thing would crush me. However, this is a gambling post and this team is hard to ignore at that price.

They signed Charlie Morton and Drew Smyly, two pitchers that give them some much-needed depth in their starting rotation. They were able to keep Marcell Ozuna and Travis d’Arnaud, two guys that could have walked this offseason that would have left them with huge voids in the lineup. Their lineup is stacked top to bottom with Dansby Swanson at short and Ronald Acuna Jr in right, this team is hard to ignore as a threat to win it all.

Saint Louis Cardinals (+2500)

This is another team I hate as a Mets fan and are the least likely to win of the group I chose, but having Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt in the same infield makes them also hard to ignore.

If they have two of the top five home run hitters in one lineup, they will score runs regardless of who they are facing. This is a team that if they get one more quality starting pitcher to go behind Jack Flaherty in the rotation the odds go down to +1500 I think. This is more of a half unit play, but the prestige of their organization and their sheer desire to win makes them contenders almost every year.

*Note* Please gamble responsibly, This is supposed to be a fun activity, but ruining your life taking my picks makes you an idiot.

TL//DR: My World Series Picks for the 2021 MLB season.