Baltimore Ravens Offense
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Baltimore Ravens’ Offense: Too Good For Their Own Good

The Baltimore Ravens have constructed an offense that is amazing. It’s a true throwback to the pound the rock philosophy and they are doing so in amazing fashion. There’s just one problem with this offense: It’s too good.

The Baltimore Ravens have an offense that has created a run game that has raised the floor of their team immensely. It’s a dynamic ground game that works to milk the clock, and it’s extremely effective at doing so. The Ravens led the NFL in time of possession in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. In 2020 They were third in the league. Ever since they adopted this offense, the Baltimore Ravens have been able to put pressure on their opponents.

With the reliance on running the football, the Ravens have been able to limit their own mistakes and capitalize on the mistakes of other teams. In 2019, the Ravens were sixth in turnover differential. In 2020 they were 12th. The approach of milking the clock and limiting mistakes comes with its drawbacks. The problem with this offense is that it’s too good.

The Ravens have been consistent playoff contenders with this offense, but that might be their ceiling and floor. They simply won’t bottom out with this offense, they’re too good to do that. At the very worst, they’ll have a pick in the late teens. Until Lamar Jackson loses his legs, the Ravens are more likely to have a pick in the 20s than a pick in the teens. They won’t be in a position to draft a high-end receiver, and Jackson will regrettably cost a pretty penny. Receivers don’t want to go to Baltimore as it is, and they won’t take a discount for that team either.

The Ravens won’t bottom out, but they won’t be in a position to raise the ceiling of their team because they’re so comfortable with the floor.

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