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LiAngelo Ball

(Reed Saxon / Associated Press)

Lavar Speaks Out on Lakers Disinterest in LiAngelo Ball

LiAngelo Ball
LiAngelo Ball isn’t on the Lakers radar. Big Bald Dad, LaVar, weighed in because of course he did (Reed Saxon / Associated Press)

If you haven’t been living under a rock this last year and a half, you obviously have heard about the Ball family. The Balls have been in just about everything recently since Lonzo was selected number 2 to the Lakers in the 2017 NBA Draft. Lonzo had a less than stellar rookie year but was able to earn Second Team All-Rookie honors. He did release a rap album though so there’s that. After leaving UCLA due to a shoplifting incident in China that landed him in jail, middle brother LiAngelo Ball and youngest brother Melo decided to travel overseas to Latvia and sign pro contracts to play basketball in their country’s professional league. The patriarch of the family Lavar has been no stranger to the media. His continued antics off the court have led many to believe he’s one of the most overbearing and insane fathers the world is ever seen. His Big Baller Brand has been producing designer shoes and clothing at laughable prices. Who in their right mind would spend 500 dollars on a pair of Lonzo Ball signature shoes?

Lavar’s most recent outburst has been a statement that he released yesterday saying that if the Lakers pass on Gelo in the upcoming 2018 NBA draft he will be forced to have Lonzo leave when his rookie deal is up. Which is actually hilarious considering he though Gelo had the worst chance to go pro out of all three of his sons. Since Lavar pulled youngest brother Melo out of high school in October of 2017 to personally train him for the NBA, he has been extremely adamant about having all three Ball brothers playing on the same NBA squad. At this point this is ridiculous, Lavar should be happy his son was able to play in Europe. He is obviously not pro ready and needs significant time to develop. The only question I have left is what team would actually be willing to take all three of these kids? Maybe Lavar buys starts his own league? Big Baller Brand Blacktop Basketball League expected to debut in 2020. Bet.


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