Ava is the scariest assassin on the planet. Forget about the company. She is the company. Good luck taking her down. Here is your movie review. (Photo| IMDb)

Ava Netflix Movie Review

Do you like bad ass assassins? Well… Ava is for you. It’s time for a movie review that features little to no spoilers. Does anyone actually enjoy these reviews? Let me know… Let’s get right to it with the Ava Netflix movie review.

Jessica Chastain is a cold blooded hired assassin. The only thing is she actually has a conscious. She asks the company wants each person killed. As you guessed, her mouth gets her in trouble. She is later looked at as a liability so the assassins come to take her out. Just one problem. She’s a BAD mother jumper.

Collin Farrell and John Malkovich are also featured in the film. One good one bad. I won’t say which. I think the pure acting is sub par. What really makes the film is Chastain’s character. She’s so bad ass that it’s hard not to fall in love with the movie.

You know, typical assassin stuff. Her family doesn’t know what’s going on. Her sister is a back stabber. Lots of cool fighting. The whole nine.

This was a solid movie. If you’re scrolling through Netflix and are unsure what to watch, check this one out. The fighting scenes alone are worth the watch. You can do way worse than this movie.

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