Austin Wiley is a valuable piece
Austin Wiley is a valuable piece in this year’s NBA Draft (Mark Almond |

Austin Wiley is a valuable piece in this year’s NBA Draft

Austin Wiley is an underrated player in this year’s draft. Wiley is a very talented player who can make a difference for an NBA organization. With the draft only weeks away, numerous general managers are rushing to schedule visits with the big man.

Scouting Wiley

Wiley had a very productive collegiate career at Auburn. Playing under Bruce Pearl is always a great program to be under; he evolved into a terrific rim protector and crashed the glass with his relentless effort. This past season rewarded Wiley with numerous scouts across the country, evaluating his future impact in the NBA, and he anticipated the NBA, and his mentality remained with his team.

There are numerous teams in the NBA that require a dominating big man. A center that can be an enforcer under the basket is always essential for a winning team. We watched the Houston Rockets collapse in the playoffs with a lack of a center protecting the rim. Let’s look at a few teams who could use Wiley’s impact under the glass. 

Teams who might draft Wiley

A team like the Dallas Mavericks could use Wiley at the center position. The important factor of this situation is adding a big man to play alongside Kristaps Porzingis. Having an enforcer for this franchise is the key to their quest for a championship in the next few years. The Los Angeles Clippers bullied the team in the playoffs due to not having a guy who can be physical. Wiley has the tools and capabilities to bang down low with anyone under the rim. 

How about the San Antonio Spurs? This is a franchise that numerous players past and present have evolved into a better team player. Wiley would be an excellent starting center under Coach Pop’s system. He has the basketball IQ to put himself in the right position to make him and his team successful. As the San Antonio Spurs are looking to become championship bound, they must draft the right players to play under them. Wiley could be a valuable piece in San Antonio for years to come. 

Over the past three years, Wiley’s game has shown that he is NBA ready. He comes into every game with the mindset to set the tone with his defense and his rebounding. It tends to rub off on the rest of his teammates, and they play with high energy every game. If Wiley is placed with the right system with the right franchise, he will make his presence known, being the most intimidating center in the NBA. 

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