Joe Buck Troy Aikman
(Andrew H. Walker/Patrick McMullan via Getty)

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are one of the best announcer duo’s in the NFL. They call the NFL games on Fox and the duo have been working together for 20 years. They have a natural chemistry between them, and it stems back to their earlier years together getting to feel each other out. He spoke to Colin Cowherd about some of his experiences in the booth.

“I’ll say this. We have had that glass of bourbon in the booth. Although it’s not bourbon, it’s tequila, splash of Grand Marnier and grapefruit juice. I went through a couple years where in the first inning of every postseason baseball game I had the runner go get the biggest beer the stadium sold. And I had it sitting there and I would sip it from time-to-time to remind myself to relax and have fun. I’m just doing a game.

“And I brought that over to football, but because Troy is a man of finer tastes, beer somehow became tequila, Grand Marnier and grapefruit juice. We haven’t done it in a long time now, but it was good for a stretch and I feel like it’s a good mental trigger to just chill and remind yourself that you’re not refueling a F-16 in mid-flight. You’re doing a sporting event and if you treat it like anything other than that you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

Joe Buck

Joe Buck does a great job of letting the game breathe, allowing the sounds of the game and stadium to get to the audience at home. I guess the time when Buck and Aikman aren’t talking they are sipping on some high-end cocktails.

I mean I don’t hate the move, who doesn’t want to sip on a nice cold beer while watching some playoff baseball. Tequila is a wild drink to have while being stuck in a booth. I just want to dance when I start sipping tequila and for sure can’t put coherent sentences together, but that is why is Joe Buck and I am blogging about him.

TL//DR: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman used to sip some cocktails while calling primetime NFL games for Fox.