Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller has been traded to the Texans but oddly enough has some sneaky fantasy potential now that he’s in Houston. (Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Anthony Miller Has Sneaky Fantasy Potential In Houston

We have a trade! Well… not a huge trade but one that could have weird fantasy implications. Anthony Miller has been traded to the Houston Texans. Something I sort of but not really called a few weeks ago. Darnell Mooney has cemented himself as the secondary target in Chicago behind Allen Robinson. Miller became expendable but has oddly found a bad but good landing spot?

The Texans are a tire fire but the opportunity is there. Brandin Cooks is somehow 27 but feels 800. If that guy retired tomorrow, nobody would be shocked. Nico Collins was drafted in the third round but he’s not someone I’m high on. The rest of the options on the depth chart include Keke Coutee, Chris Moore, Isaiah Coulter, Andre Roberts, Chris Conley, and Randall Cobb. A lot of names but not a lot of good names.

Hear me out; I like Anthony Miller. His best year came in 2019 where he had 52 receptions for 656 yards and two touchdowns. Miller also had seven touchdowns out the gate as a rookie. When you consider the fact that Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles were the quarterbacks during his Bears tenure, you chalk those numbers up as a win.

I like the talent here. Miller was a second round pick out of Memphis for a reason. Not the biggest dude in the world but really fleet of foot and can run routes. I find it hard to believe he can’t at minimum crack this rotation. In fact, I think Miller is the most talented receiver on the roster now.

The only real question here is Deshaun Watson. Will he or won’t he become suspended? Obviously, the ceiling if Watson plays is higher. Tyrod Taylor isn’t a total slouch but he’s not Watson. Maybe that makes the difference in the end. Nevertheless, Miller might just be a sneaky fantasy wide receiver to keep an eye on.