Anthony Davis has Re-Signed
Anthony Davis has re-signed with the Lakers. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

Anthony Davis has re-signed with the Lakers on a five-year $190 million dollar deal. Davis won his first championship in 2019-2020 with the Lakers. Davis now looks to be the Lakers’ premier player for years to come.

Anthony Davis is Running it Back With The Lakers.

Averaging 26 points, nine rebounds, and three assists with two blocks per game Davis was one of the best players in the Association last season. Davis alongside LeBron James led the Lakers through the playoffs.

LeBron doesn’t have many years left as he is turning 36 this season. It was pivotal for the Lakers to sign Davis and have him be the premier player in LA. When LeBron inevitably rides off into the sunset the Lakers now have a generational 26-year-old Foward to build a team around.

The Lakers are All-In on Davis.

The Lakers already brought in Dennis Schroder, Montrez Harrell, Wesley Matthews, and Marc Gasol. Adding one of the best bench players in the league is great for LA. The Lakers desperately needed to take the load off of LeBron and AD. The Lakers won the championship with almost no bench play. Either LeBron or Davis had to be on the floor at all times.

That type of formula usually doesn’t work in the NBA. However, with the way Davis and LeBron had been playing it was enough. With the Nets and Warriors getting back to full strength on the horizon. The Lakers will need more of a bench to not run AD and LeBron into the ground.

Davis now gets to take the reins of the team for years to come. Much like when Shaquille O’Neal left and Kobe Bryant took over and brought two more championships to the Lakers.

Locking up a talent like Davis at the peak of his prime is a franchise changer. It’s been a crazy week in the NBA and the Lakers have done their part now it’s time to go out and defend the crown.


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