All Madden
John Madden recently passed away but we have the perfect way to celebrate his life by watching the All Madden documentary. Here is the official review. (Cover Photo from the Documentary)

All Madden Documentary Review

There will never be anyone else like him. John Madden is no longer with us but we can still celebrate all the gifts he gave this world. The All Madden documentary came out at the perfect time. I recently was able to watch it on ESPN+ but the doc originally was filmed by Fox Sports with Tom Rinaldi being a focal point of the production. It’s time to hand out a review of the doc.

I enjoyed this documentary. Overall, I thought it was a great watch. Not super long either so you breeze through it pretty fast. I actually wish it was longer. There is just so much to go over with his life.

Madden has the highest winning percentage ever as a head coach in the NFL. He is still the best broadcaster in NFL history. We’re talking about a man who changed the way Thanksgiving is celebrated. Overall the film was great. I just wish it didn’t feel rushed. He’s also the only man represented in the title of a sports video game every single year.

What you really appreciate with Madden is the fact that he’s so likable. Those Raider teams back in the day were so hated. Somehow he remained likable. The Madden video games have gone down the toilet. The face of the game itself remains likable. Hell… I think he made Brett Favre even more likable.

Truthfully, I never knew the story about him refusing to fly. He took the bus around the country to all these games he broadcasted for. It probably only helped his folklore honestly. The guy was so relatable and connected with so many people just from that bus tour.

I recommend giving this one a watch. Not perfect but a great way to celebrate the life of a true legend. He will be missed.