Alex Cora
Are you concerned about the Red Sox bullpen? Well, Alex Cora isn’t even naming a closer for opening day #DirtyWater #RedSox (Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)

Every Baseball fan seems to be concerned about the Red Sox bullpen. There are legit reasons to be worried. Craig Kimbrel is still somehow sitting out there in free agency and Joe Kelly signed with the Dodgers. That leaves a jumbled group of Matt Barnes, Ryan Brasier, Brandon Workman, Heath Hembree, and Tyler Thornberg. It’s not a group that inspires confidence.

Is Alex Cora concerned? Doesn’t sound like it but he also isn’t naming a closer for opening day or maybe ever.

“I’m not going to name a closer. I’ve been saying it all along,” Cora told reporters in Seattle on Wednesday. “I don’t think there’s a structure or a script you have to follow.

“Tomorrow, people will see what we’re going to do. I feel fine. I’m OK with it.”

At this point, you can’t question the guy. He pushed all the right buttons during the postseason, won 119 games, and a World Series Title. He also won the World Series as a bench coach with Houston the year before. He’s brilliant. I’m not going to be the one who doubts him. He is always diving into the matchups with his notepad so I’m sure he can pick and choose carefully throughout the game.

“People get caught up on the whole usage and high leverage, and not getting locked in with a closer,” Cora said. “Every game is different. Every out is different. A high-leverage situation for me might be different than for you. That’s the beauty of the game.”

I am nervous about the bullpen but I also think it’s being way overblown. At this point, I’m convinced Kimbrel is coming back. If he still isn’t signed by May, he’s going to re-sign with the Sox. By the time the trade deadline hits, the Red Sox will add a guy like Felipe Vazquez or Will Smith. This team is so good they don’t really need a closer until October anyway.