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AEW Rampage (7/8/22)

Credit: AEW

AEW Rampage Review & Results (7/8/22): New Title Match Announced

AEW Rampage (7/8/22)
Credit: AEW

AEW Rampage Review & Results (7/8/22): New Title Match Announced

AEW Rampage was packed full of action as always. Although the show is only one hour, it feels so much longer than that. AEW does a great job at making this show must-see television. There are always fun matches on the card, and this show was no different. Let’s get into everything that went down.

Eddie Kingston vs Konosuke Takeshita

Kingston and Takeshita kicked off the show. This is a match-up you never really thought about, but you’re happy that you got. Kingston is the heart of AEW and is loved by the fans. Takeshita is a young up-and-comer in the business. He mainly wrestles for DDT, but has been having some matches on AEW Dark. This one was exactly what you thought it would be. The match was hard-hitting and very physical. Neither were intimidated in the slightest, instead, they just wanted to fight. Kingston showed he can still hang with the young guy on the roster by picking up the win against the young prospect Takeshita.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Athena and Kris Statlander Backstage

Athena and Kris Statlander were backstage. They had a message for the TBS Champion, Jade Cargill. They called her a coward and said they weren’t going away until they got a title shot. Nothing has been made official yet, but you have to assume it will be a triple threat match for the TBS Championship at some point down the line.

Gates of Agony vs Lee Moriarty & Jonathan Gresham (c)

This match had a quick build to it. The feud started about a week ago, and Gresham challenged the Gates of Agony to a match on AEW Rampage. Jonathan Gresham is the Ring of Honor World Champion. He has been wrestling in various promotions as of late. He was teaming up with Moriarty to take down a common enemy in the Gates of Agony. The Gates of Agony consist of Toa Liona and Kaun from Ring of Honor. They are led by Tully Blanchard, who also somewhat recently was in the Pinnacle. Gates of Agony attacked Moriarty and Gresham right as the bell rang. Moriarty spent the entire duration of the match actually in the match. He never tagged in Gresham because as he went to tag him in, he walked away. Gresham turned on Moriarty, and hugged Tully Blanchard.

Gresham and Moriarty are now set to face off on next week’s episode of AEW Rampage for the Ring of Honor World Championship.

Winner: Gates of Agony

Eddie Kingston Backstage

Eddie Kingston was backstage and said that all of his attention is on Chris Jericho now. He wants to make Jericho bleed with barbed wire. AEW went on to announce that Eddie Kingston will face Chris Jericho in a Barbed Wire Death Match, with the Jericho Appreciation Society suspended in a shark cage for week two of Fyter Fest.

Kayla Sparks & Christina Marie vs Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez (c)

Deeb and Martinez have been tag-teaming as of late. They have been having success picking up multiple wins together. Although they may seem like enemies, they worked together nicely. They have been facing jobbers over the last couple of weeks and this match was no different. They made quick work of Sparks and Marie and after the match, Deeb wouldn’t release her submission hold. Martinez pushed Deeb off of her, and Deeb clothes-lined Martinez. She also put her in a submission hold. It is now clear that they are likely going to face at Ring of Honor’s pay-per-view Death Before Dishonor.

Winner: Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez

Orange Cassidy vs Tony Nese

Cassidy has been on a great run since he returned from injury. He was set to face off against Tony Nese, and if he lost, he would have had to sign a petition to get Swerve Strickland kicked out of the AEW roster. Nese and Mark Sterling tried to get Cassidy to sign it on Dynamite, but he refused. This was an interesting contrast of styles. You have a wrestler in Nese, who is a hard worker and a premiere athlete, against Cassidy, who is put across as lazy. This was a really good match, but Cassidy surprised Nese with his abilities. Cassidy usually shocks his opponents with his wrestling ability, which helps him win. Cassidy defeated Nese, ultimately helping keep Strickland on the roster.

Winner: Orange Cassidy





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