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AEW Dynamite Results & Review (6/22/22): NJPW Star Makes Their AEW Debut

AEW Dynamite (6/22/22)

Credit: AEW

AEW Dynamite (6/22/22)
Credit: AEW

AEW Dynamite Results & Review (6/22/22): NJPW Star Makes Their AEW Debut

Last night’s episode of Dynamite was the go-home show for the Forbidden Door pay-per-view. It was jam packed with lots of excellent matches. AEW even added two matches to the Forbidden Door card.

*Spoiler Warning*

Bryan Danielson Addresses Forbidden Door and Blood and Guts

This was the first time we have seen Bryan Danielson since his Anarchy at the Arena match at Double or Nothing. He was going to be addressing the upcoming shows, Forbidden Door and Blood and Guts. Tony Schiavone interviewed him in the ring. Danielson said that he is going to miss both Forbidden Door and Blood and Guts because of an injury. He went on to say that he is going to handpick a wrestler to replace him for his match at Forbidden Door and Blood and Guts. Danielson said he is going to pick the one man he trusts with the task, someone who is just as good as a technical wrestler as him.

Danielson was set to face Zack Sabre Jr. at Forbidden Door and was going to participate in the Blood and Guts match alongside Eddie Kingston. There are two names that immediately came to my mind, Claudio Castagnoli (F.K.A Cesaro) and Johnny Gargano. Zack Sabre Jr. made an appearance to come out, but didn’t really do anything. Overall, this was a great promo. Danielson proved himself more as a heel, by not telling us who he picked. So, we are going to have to wait until Sunday to find out.

Jon Moxley Promo

Jon Moxley cut a promo to get everyone hype for his match on Sunday. Just like every Moxley promo, this one was great.

Chaos vs United Empire

After the Jon Moxley promo, we got the trios match. Orange Cassidy, Rocky Romero, and Trent Beretta fought against Kyle Fletcher, Mark Davis, and Will Osprey. This match was a lot of fun. We got a taste of the contrast of styles between Orange Cassidy and Will Osprey. Osprey and Cassidy are set to face off at Forbidden Door for the IWGP United States Championship. This match got me really excited about the IWGP United States match this Sunday. Just like every AEW trios match, this one was great. It’s only a matter of time before we get trios titles.

Winner: Chaos (Orange Cassidy, Rocky Romero, & Trent Baretta)

Jay Lethal Promo

Jay Lethal cut a promo directed at Samoa Joe. Lethal wants Joe to come back to work, so he can challenge Joe for ROH World Television Championship.

We Hear From Christian Cage

Tony Schiavone interviewed Christian Cage. This is the first time we heard from Cage since he turned his back on Jungle Boy. Cage attacked Jungle Boy on last weeks AEW Dynamite, hitting him with a conchairto. He cut a promo stating the reason why he did what he did, which was for the money. Cage said he hitched himself to Jungle Boy so he could make more money and get more bonuses. He turned on him when he wasn’t useful anymore. Cage would even take a shot at Jungle Boys dad.

“I think Jungle Boy’s mom is a little sweet on Christian Cage if you know what I mean. I think she wanted me to be Jungle Boy’s father. Jungle Boy has a father, but Jungle Boy, your father is dead. And that’s a good thing because he’d be embarrassed to see you. Enjoy your early retirement at 25.”

Christian Cage on Dynamite via AEW

Luchasaurus came out to destroy Cage, but Cage convinced him not to hurt him. Cage said he wanted to talk to him in private. Luchasaurus would restrain himself and the two went to the back. It is going to be interesting to watch all of this unfold. This was such a good promo from Cage. He had to remind us how good he is as a heel from in the ring to the mic. He is great all around. You have to imagine they are going to add this match to the Forbidden Door card at some point.

The Young Bucks Promo

The Young Bucks cut a promo announcing they would have a match at Forbidden Door. They said they were going to rejoin the bullet club for one night. It is going to be The Young Bucks, El Phantasmo, & Hikuleo taking on Darby Allin, Sting, Hiromu Takahashi, & Shingo Takagi.

Malakai Black vs Penta Oscuro

Malakai took on Penta in an All-Atlantic Championship match qualifier. The winner was set to join Miro, Pac, and Tomohiro Ishii. Malakai and Penta are no strangers to each other. They are just coming off of a hard-hitting trios match at Double or Nothing. This was another great match. I don’t think I have ever seen Black not hit the Black Mass perfectly. Penta hit Black hit an avalanche fear factor.

I’m still not quite sure how Black is alive. After the match, PAC come down to the ring. Miro could cut a promo on the jumbo tron, claiming he is going to win the fatal four-way match. These two men have great chemistry in the ring and will always put on a good match.

Winner: Malakai Black

Hangman Page vs Silas Young

This match was added to AEW Dynamite about an hour before the show. Page and Young would reignite their old feud dating back to their Ring of Honor days. Adam Cole was on commentary for this match. This was a really good match. You can tell the two had chemistry. Young really showed out and impressed me a lot. After the match, Cole walked to the ramp and was going to cut a promo. Jay White, IWGP World Champion, would interrupt him, telling Cole he isn’t going to face him at Forbidden Door. White would go down to the ring and tell Page he wasn’t going to face him either. Page clocked White and went to hit the buckshot lariat, but Cole hit page with a low blow. Cole was about to hit Page with the IWGP title, and then we heard a coin drop and out came Kazuchika Okada.

This was Okada’s debut in AEW. He went down to the ring and Cole and White retreated. Later on, AEW would announce a match added to the Forbidden Door card. Jay White vs Kazuchika Okada vs Hangman Page vs Adam Cole for the IWGP World Championship.

Winner: Hangman Page

Jade Cargill & The Baddies Promo

Kiera Hogan, Jade Cargill, and Stokely Hathaway were backstage with Tony Schiavone. Kiera went on to say that Red Velvet was injured and that they were looking for a new member to add to The Baddies.

Kris Statlander and Athena Promo

After The Baddies promo, we heard from Kris Statlander and Athena. They said they were still going to go after Jade Cargill and The Baddies.

Marina Shafir vs Toni Storm

After Shafir lost to Thunder Rosa for the AEW Women’s Championship on AEW Dynamite, she attacked Rosa after the match. Storm would come down to the aid of Thunder Rosa, to help fight off Shafir. Storm is set to take on Thunder Rosa for the AEW Women’s World Championship at Forbidden Door. She was going to have to battle with Shafir first. This was a solid match that was both hard-hitting and technical. Storm would deliver her patent hip attack to help her secure the victory.

After the match, Nyla Rose and Shafir attacked Storm. Thunder Rosa came to the rescue, helping fend them both off.

Winner: Toni Storm

Chris Jericho & Lance Archer vs Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahashi

In the main event spot was a tag-team match. It was Chris Jericho and Lance Archer taking on Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi. William Regal was on commentary to call this match. Moxley and Tanahashi would charge the ring and attack Archer and Jericho to start the match. Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi are set to face off to crown the interim AEW World Champion at Forbidden Door. It was interesting to see these men try to team up. Moxley and Tanahashi did have some tag-team chemistry. Moxley hit Archer with the paradigm shift, setting up Tanahashi to hit the frog splash, giving them the win.

After the match, chaos would ensue. Eddie Kingston would down to attack Jericho. Wheeler Yuta would come to the aid of Kingston. Minoru Suzuki would join the chaos. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard come to join in the attack. Santana and Ortiz followed behind them. There was a massive brawl all around the ring. During that, Moxley and Tanahashi stood still in the center of the ring, staring at each other.

Winner: Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode of AEW Dynamite. It was jam packed with action and chaos. We got to see some new faces, and matches were added to the Forbidden Door Card.





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