Aaron Boone
(Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)

Aaron Boone loves to over-manage and think he’s smarter than everyone else on the field. That terrible notion should get smacked out of his head fast. Boone gave Game 2 away by pitching Deivi Garcia for one inning. To then bring in J.A. Happ, no one, and I mean no one is scared of Happ. It was one of the most ridiculous actions I’ve seen Boone do, and that’s saying something.

Aaron Boone is a Terrible Manager

However, Boone goes and compounds this terrible decision he made by giving Happ a four-run leash. Garcia, who has been better than Happ, pitches one inning while Happ pitched two and two-thirds giving up four runs. Boone is no stranger to horrible pitching decisions. But, this was terrible for several reasons. Look, I’ll admit Happ had me fooled this season. He looked solid and seemed like he could be an option this postseason. But, you fool me once you can’t get fooled again.

Aaron Boone May Have Lost this Series Already

First, the Yankees bullpen is now compromised, having used five relievers in Game 2, leaving few options for Game 3. Second, Boone hopes playoff Masahiro Tanaka shows up; otherwise, the Yankees will be down 2-1, and Gerrit Cole still won’t be able to pitch. Lastly, Boone may have just ruined Garcia’s confidence. Being a 21-year-old kid, you need all the confidence you can get, and your manager just said he doesn’t trust you enough. Boone would rather put in Happ, who is terrible, over you. What do you think that would do to a kid’s confidence?

Enough With this Opener Crap!

The opener has to die. The Rays invented this horrible concept out of necessity, and it needs to stop. Tampa Bay, at the time they used openers, had no starters outside of Blake Snell. They have since stopped using it now that they have a one, two, three of Snell, Tyler Glasnow, and Charlie Morton. New York has a decent starting rotation now and does not need to use an opener.

Nevertheless, Boone is just so damn smart. He thought he could pull this off. Unfortunately, it backfired badly, and the Yankees are now in the best of three essentially.

Boone has failed mightly as the manager of the Yankees. Boone has lost in the ALDS and ALCS in back-to-back years. With the roster and the payroll the Yankees have, that is unacceptable. If the Yankees do not make the World Series, at least Boone has to lose his job. Because there is no reason the Yankees shouldn’t be there and no reason they should be mismanaging the way they do.