Sports Content Contributor

Job Brief

Vendetta Media was created to bring real sports journalism to real sports fans. If you’re tired of the same old stuff from mainstream sports outlets, we offer a different approach. No agendas, no clickbait, no “hot takes”, just real opinions by real fans, just like you. Our goal is to provide you with insight and information on your favorite teams you won’t find anywhere else.

What You Will Do:
As a Sports Content Contributor for Vendetta Sports Media, you will be contributing sports-related content on a regular basis. In this position, you will be expected to come up with your own story ideas. This may include fact reporting pieces, as well as, opinion-based pieces. You are encouraged to use this platform as a way to build a writing portfolio through reporting and opinion contribution. The weekly publishing amount will be determined between your supervisor and yourself.
You are still highly encouraged to try other aspects of journalism while you are with Vendetta Sports Media. Other beats you can try include podcasting, video, writing, etc. We also encourage trying different sports topics than the one you are hired for. However, your primary work will be…

Learning Objective: While you are with Vendetta Sports Media, we want you to learn how to write content on a regular basis. As well as working on improving readability and SEO optimization. You will learn how to come up with story ideas regularly. This is also a great opportunity to network and build lasting relationships. You can also build your editorial voice and hone in on journalistic skills like interviewing. You will also be able to learn how to coordinate with other team members effectively.


  • We are looking for ambitious candidates that are able to self-start articles or projects.
    Has the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Works well with others.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Has a keen sense of grammar, language, and spelling.
  • Is able to promote the Vendetta Sports Media work of yourself and others on social media.
  • Is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program pursuing English, Journalism, Mass Media, or a similar field.

Recommended Skills:
Familiar with WordPress.
Can understand/ learn SEO optimization.

Please Note: This is an unpaid internship. Students are encouraged to
apply for college credit.