LeBron James
The 76ers think LeBron James considered signing with them. Turns out that they are clueless (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The 76ers mantra is called ‘Trust The Process’. If I ever tell my co-workers with Vendetta to Trust The Process, that means I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Trusting the process is something that tries to put something tangible on something that probably doesn’t exist. 76ers owner, Josh Harris, is the epitome of this idiotic movement with his latest statement regarding LeBron James. Harris claims that LeBron very seriously considered his team.

via Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN:

“I think they considered us very strongly,” Harris said of James’ group Monday at the Las Vegas Summer League. “I think he — I would be speculating on how he makes his decisions, and I don’t want to do that — but I think that they were really serious [about Philadelphia]. The fact that they took the meeting with us was something that they didn’t view lightly, so I think that they were very serious about it.”

Philadelphia did get a meeting with LeBron James but… he didn’t show up. Philly met with his representatives led by agent Rich Paul. Two hours after the meeting there was already a press release drawn up with James declaring that he would sign with the Lakers. You never had a shot with LeBron, Philadelphia.

Does LeBron James Really Make His Teammates Better? You Be The Judge

As a Celtics fan, my level of concern with the 76ers is close to zero. Markelle Fultz is still in witness protection. Every 30 days there’s a video that comes out so that everyone knows he is safe and tucked into bed. Ben Simmons is now dating a Kardashian so there’s that and he still can’t shoot. Then there’s Joel Embiid who doesn’t shut up despite the fact that he gets gassed playing more than 20 minutes per game. Tell to me again why Brett Brown knows what he’s doing?