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Credit: Capcom / Capcom Showcase

4 things the Resident Evil 4 Remake should include

The much anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake is on the way, following its June 2nd State of Play announcement. The title has been the subject of considerable hype, and a talking point for fans of the franchise both new and old.

With the title making its way to PlayStation 5, a significant jump from its humble PS2 beginnings, it can be expected that the remake will feature not only severe graphic enhancement but a definitive Resident Evil 4 experience. With the updated hardware it’s natural to expect the very best of RE4 to be restored to its former glory and some new features added, much to the beat of Resident Evil 2 in 2019.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five of the most essential features to be included when ‘REmake’ 4 drops next year.

Resident Evil 4 Remake should include… An updated control scheme

Resident Evil
Credit: PlayStation / State of Play

The original RE4 suffers many issues atypical of a PS2-era title, one of the more serious is the outdated control scheme. Playing today, movement feels all sorts of wrong and it continues to be difficult to work with, especially when surrounded by enemies. It probably adds to the horror dynamic but can be a major turn-off for today’s players, as the target audience for RE4 Remake has grown largely used to dynamic controls found in titles such as the RE2 and RE3 remakes.

An overhaul of the controls to fall in line with the previous remakes can be expected, and welcomed, and for traditionalists potentially implement a classic control scheme. in any case, an updated control scheme is definitely necessary at this stage.

Retain a majority of the story content

A major criticism levied against the remakes has been the significant amount of content from the original titles that had been cut. Putting it simply, RE4 is too good to receive the Edward Scissorhands treatment. Each stage possesses its own unique loveable trait, whether it be the Del Lago lake monster, the horrific regenerators, or El Gigante; the castle or the village. Resident Evil 4 Remake has a ready-made source of content in the original, the work comes from utilizing today’s hardware to do it justice.

RE4’s remake is chock full of potential and simply put, cutting content ala the previous RE remake will be a sore shame.

Greater variety in model design

Resident Evil
Credit: Capcom / Capcom Showcase

This is a minute complaint, but it does hurt immersion when you encounter the same zombie model repeatedly over the course of a game. RE2 and RE3 did an amazing job when it came to the presentation of their zombies in terms of design and movement. However, variety lacked as there were several of the same model.

RE4 Remake could bring greater variety to the fold with its ‘Ganado’ enemy type, enhancing the horror experience. What RE4 should also include is the model behavior from Resident Evil 2 Remake, as opposed to RE3. Which had cut back on the realistic movements, such as falling over other corpses and individual limb dismemberment, of the zombies found in its predecessor.

The latest stalker enemy

The RE Engine era of Resident Evil titles, RE7, 8, 2 & 3 Remakes, have shared a variety of new features in common with each other against previous entries in the series. Perhaps the most prominent to be implemented, at least in the way players have reacted, has been the stalker enemy types.

Starting with RE7: Biohazard, where crazed father turned BOW Jack Baker chases you throughout his house, the franchise has continued to make use of an enemy chasing throughout essential stages of the story. Thus far players have had to traverse levels with the likes of Mr X, Nemesis and Lady Dimitrescu hot on their heels, and it only make sense to continue that trend in RE4.

Right off the bat there are existing enemy types from the original release that can behave in this capacity. While Verdugo, the Regenerator Zombie, or its sinister sister the Iron Maiden, spring to mind. The main candidate for the role will be the iconic Dr Salvador.

The chainsaw-wielding Ganado struck fears into the hearts of players, who may never be able to watch a lumberjack at work again, and would be able to continue his lease in player’s nightmares should he return as the latest stalker enemy.

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