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2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 6

2024 NFL Draft

2024 NFL Draft
Dillon Gabriel got a signature win against Texas. Let’s talk about all of the Week 6 storylines for the 2024 NFL Draft stock report notes! (Kevin Jairag/USA Today)

2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 6

Let’s cut right to the chase… shall we? I hate intro paragraphs so I’m just going to tell you the slate and let you know that these are the only weekly 2024 NFL Draft notes that you should be reading every week. The week 6 slate includes Oklahoma vs. Texas, Maryland vs. Ohio State, Alabama vs. Texas A&M, and Kentucky vs. Georgia. Let’s do this thing!


Out of the Noon window games, I don’t think there is any question that Dillon Gabriel is the quarterback that has real backup potential over Tagovailoa at Maryland. I think Gabriel is legitimately good. He’s a way better pure passer than anything Alabama has right now. Moves what better than you think. Short lefty but has some baller in him.

At some point, we have to acknowledge how well he’s playing. I’ve always liked Gabriel. He did some great things at UCF. The guy we’re seeing now looks NFL good. You can scoff all you want but the numbers are the numbers. Gabriel currently sports a 72.3% completion rate and 16-2 TD to INT ratio. What more do you want? I know it’s the Big 12 but that was a really impressive performance against Texas. This Texas team is real and Gabriel beat them.

Marcus Major stinks. Bad hands and dropped a way open touchdown before the half. Oklahoma has produced a lot of NFL running backs in the past but he ain’t one of them. This OU team doesn’t have an NFL running back on it.

I still haven’t totally sorted the wide receivers out in my mind but Jalil Farooq looks pretty quick. Went for five catches and 130 yards in this one. Nice day for him.


Steve Sarkisian loves these cute short throws that are supposed to act as run plays. First two plays of the game was a negative yardage screen and then an interception on a slant. The pick by Quinn Ewers wasn’t great but it’s not something that should change your opinion. It was a one read and throw and he forced it. He then threw another pick in the red zone that wasn’t great. It wasn’t his fault though. The guy should have caught it and it turned into a deflection.

It wasn’t the best game for Ewers. In fairness, this Oklahoma defense is really improved and he lost his starting center pretty much right away. Freshman Peyton Bowen is a problem too and forced basically all of the turnovers. Had a bad fumble too. The guy did go 31/37 for 346 yards and a score. Could have easily been the hero too if the defense held up during the final minute of the game.

Overall, I still liked what I saw. Really underrated part of his game is having that ability to contort his body and flick the ball where he wants. Just so many times he can just flick it and it goes exactly where you would want it to go. Too many of those special moments for me to not like him.

Not the best day for DJ Catalon either. Coming into the game I really liked him but it may be time to question the coverage ability. Got hit for a big play over the top and got hurt two plays later. Also has an injury history with Arkansas.

Might be time to show some love to the running back Jonathan Brooks. No, he’s not Bijan but he looks way better than Roschon Johnson. 22 carries for 129 yards and a score. Texas really hasn’t suffered a big drop off running the ball and that says a lot about what Brooks has brought to the table.


Hey, how about Taulia Tagovailoa? Despite the fact that the Hard Knocks guys can’t say his name right (Tao Lia), he’s gotten better. I talked about this a bunch over the years. He’s not as good as Tua. It’s a matter of if he can prove he’s backup worthy at the NFL level.

Again… the best case is backup. I just don’t think he’s good enough. You can see some Tua in him on the short throws but he has nothing down the field. I love Tua and he barely clears from an arm strength standpoint. There’s zero zip on his ball. Even during the two minute drill before the half he killed the drive and lost points because he couldn’t throw it down the field. I just don’t know what he brings to the table other than being able to hit dinks and dunks.

Finished the day 21/41 for 196, 1 TD, and 2 INTs. 4.8 yards per attempt tells most of the story. That’s never going to be good enough.

Want to also quickly mention Dante Trader Jr. Covering this Ohio State receiving core is no easy task but he did a nice job. Remember, Maryland put out two NFL corners last year. Trader looks really athletic and had a nice pass deflection in this one. More of a safety but tackles well too. Also, he’s a highly regarded Lacrosse player for Maryland if that means anything.

Ohio State

This Ohio State offensive line is way worse than it was a year ago. It also didn’t help that TreVeyon Henderson didn’t play. Neither Chip Trayanum or Miyan Williams had great days. Worth noting that Chip had a majority of the carries.

Marvin Harrison Jr. went nuts today. I don’t really care what he does the rest of the season. He’s Marvin Harrison except 6-foot-4. He’s a true number one and by number one I mean Gold Jacket guy good. He did whatever he wanted today. Went for eight and 163 including this score.

Was really nice to see Josh Proctor get that pick six. Another safety that I was concerned with his coverage ability but we’ll take that.

I know you’re not going to want to hear this but Kyle McCord made some really nice throws. He’s improving by the week. He had a decent showing at the Elite 11 camp. Just needs to speed up his process and trust himself but the progression is evident.


This middle linebacker Deonte Lawson is growing on me. You can see he has way more juice than Henry To’oTo’o. Looks big at 6-foot-2, 230.

Is Jase McClellan a fast guy playing running back or a fast running back? I think that’s the question you have to ask yourself. I like the fact that he’s not unpowerful. Yes, I said it like that on purpose. Had a few nice reps in pass pro and can churn the legs after contact. Not a special game. Went for just 45 yards and 12 carries but this Texas A&M front is very respectable.

That was by far the best game I’ve ever seen Jermaine Burton have. I’ve never really considered someone I’ve been in on but that was a hell of a performance. Let me also caution you with what you’re seeing. Beyond the brutal fumble in the game, this is not the next Jaylen Waddle, Julio Jones, etc. Bama’s weapons stink compared to what they were a few years ago. With Burton, you’re curious if he’s draftable. That’s the starting point here. Today was a good step in the right direction. Before, there were basically no steps in any direction.

Dallas Turner had another sack and TFL in this one. He’s the best pass rusher in the draft. If you don’t think so, you’re going to have to find me someone better.

Texas A&M

Evan Stewart is really, really good. The stat sheet won’t overwhelm you but Kool-Aid man was covering him the whole time. Still made a couple of plays and went for 46 yards. Physically when you watch him, it’s hard not to buy in.

Can we talk about the tight end for a second? 6-foot-6, 240 and can run. The crazy part is he didn’t even enter the year as the starter. Texas A&M had another tight end go down for the season with an injury. Johnson had a pretty good game and looks like he could be a factor with the ball in his hands. Johnson went for four receptions, 45 yards, and a score.

I know injuries have been a struggle in the past but how do you give up on Ainias Smith? He’s a YAC machine. Went for four receptions and 88 yards. It doesn’t really tell the story though. It’s what he does with the ball in his hands. He’s a fantastic return man too.

Moose Muhammad might be pretty good too. Yes, he’s the son of the former Panthers wide receiver Muhsin. Muhammed actually led the team in receiving today. Big body and may need to pay more attention to him as the season progresses.


Ray Davis blew up last week. Against Georgia, he had a damn good day too. Maybe this guy is for real. Definitely has some juice. For sure not slow despite a bigger build. 15 for 59 yards in this one. Kentucky never had a prayer.

Devin Leary blows. He might be the least accurate quarterback I’ve ever seen. There’s no way anybody thinks this guy is good. I refuse to believe it. If you swapped QBs, the score of this game is way closer. Remember when Leary beat Florida with 69 yards passing? This team isn’t winning because of Leary.


I’ll say it again. Carson Beck is damn good. What are your eyes telling you? I know the rest of you idiots can’t comprehend that wins aren’t a quarterback stat. Don’t put the Georgia slow start on Beck. Guy never gets rattled. Poised all the time. 6-foot-4, mobile, and throws a hell of a ball. Just a magical performance. Let’s just drop a stat and keep it moving. All I’ll say is that Beck is way better than Stetson Bennett.

Daijun Edwards has clearly separated himself from Kendall Milton. It’s obvious. Milton is behind Dillon Bell in the RB rotation and Bell isn’t even a real back. Edwards just has more shake and bake to him. Runs way angrier. Edwards showed off his hands in this one too with six receptions.

Brock Bowers did Brock Bowers things. Went for seven receptions for 132 yards and a score. We know he’s a freak. However, I want to talk about Rara Thomas. He went for five and 63 and a score. Had a hell of a catch for a touchdown. Former Mississippi State transfer. If he can start to build on this then maybe he works his way into a draftable conversation.

Late Night HT Side Notes:

After the Georgia game got ugly I switched over to a bunch of stuff. Got some playoff baseball and UFC in. Just a few quick hitters from me and we’ll call it a day.

Sam Hartman is worse than I thought. I think Marcus Freeman stinks so it’s not all on him but when you watch him are you ever blown away by his pure arm talent? I’m not. I still think he’s Derek Carr 2.0.

Someone is going to have to explain to me why Mitchell Evans isn’t better than Michael Mayer and Cole Kmet. Please explain it to me. All I know is 88 looks like he can actually run. I haven’t been able to say that about past ND tight ends.

Audric Estime sucks. Are you guys done with this thing now? Did you watch that game?

Raheim Sanders did next to nothing against Ole Miss. Was his first game back from injury. Let’s not hold it against him yet.

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