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2023 NFL Trade Deadline: Winners and Losers

NFL Trade Deadline

(Thearon W. Henderson // Getty Images)

NFL Trade Deadline
The 49ers were considered big winners of the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

2023 NFL Trade Deadline: Winners and Losers

Eight weeks have somehow already come and gone for the 2023 NFL season, which also means we’ve made our way past the trade deadline. It’s an always exciting time where contending teams look to make that final push before the season ends. But as with everything in life, there are winners and there are losers. I’m here to determine who falls into what category.

Winners of the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline:


This just seems like the obvious inclusion on this list, doesn’t it? The Niners really didn’t need to do anything in terms of improving this roster—maybe another corner on the outside or depth on the O-Line, but nothing glaringly obvious. Instead, the Niners decided to double down on their strength by bringing in Chase Young from the Washington Commanders in exchange for a third-round pick.

But wait, it gets better.

The pick they gave up was a comp pick they were given for losing DeMeco Ryans and Ran Carthan. This means they basically got Young for free–putting the ineptitude of Washington aside (for now) this is obviously a great move for the Niners. Having Nick Bosa and Young on each side of the line should yield dominating results and turn an already elite defense to a new level.


I think the overall theme for this deadline was the rich getting richer. That certainly was true for the Philadelphia Eagles during this year’s deadline. I don’t know what grudge Howie Roseman has with the Tennessee Titans, but he’s made it his life goal to fleece them in every trade he makes with them.

This was the case when he traded for All-Pro safety Kevin Byard from the Titans for Terrell Edmunds and a couple of late-round picks. The Eagles were banged up in the secondary and directly addressed that by bringing in Byard. He may be past his prime but he certainly will still bring value to this already strong Eagles defense.


Losing Tre’Davious White has absolutely killed this Buffalo Bills defense. At one point they were. defense who relied heavily on turning the ball over and forcing their opponents to make mistakes. But since White went down, the Bills have been toward the bottom of the NFL regarding turnovers and it’s hurt them as a unit.

So what do they do? They bring in another ball-hawking corner in Rasul Douglas for a third-round pick. He won’t be the same player White was, but he should help them start winning the turnover battle and get this defense on track. The price is also something I can easily stomach. Bills are looking to win now and Douglas gives you much more value right now than a future third-round pick likely would give you.


Sitting at 5-2, the Seahawks were once again looking to exceed expectations. There was a lot to like about this team but still one glaring hole. Their pass rush was horrible and would have been a huge achilles heel for them later in the season.

The Seahawks realized this and addressed it by bringing in premier pass rusher Leonard Williams. This move immediately makes this Seahawks defensive line better and gives them not only the star power they need, but also much-needed depth. Giving up a second isn’t great, but for the production Williams should give you, it likely will be worth it.



I hinted at the inclusion of the Commanders earlier during my Niners segment. But this really shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. The Commanders went full sell mode during the deadline, specifically within their defensive line. Both Chase Young and Montez Sweat were traded, but the real issue was the return, or lack thereof in this case.

In return for both, they received a second and third-round pick, that’s it. I know they weren’t going to get an arm and a leg, but there had to be better offers for two guys like Sweat and Young. Ownership may have finally changed hands but Washington still seems to be in a complete spiral headed nowhere. This year’s deadline is proof of that.


You may be saying “Jack the Chiefs are 6-2 and didn’t really do anything at the deadline.” Well, it’s for that very reason the Chiefs find themselves as losers. More specifically the failure to bring in a premier WR1 or just another steady target for Patrick Mahomes to rely on that isn’t Travis Kelce.

When watching them play, it’s clear they need just one more weapon on the outside to truly open up this offense. It’s something that could get them into serious trouble if Kelce is forced to miss time; there are no real weapons for Mahomes to work with outside of Kelce. I really do think the Chiefs will regret not bringing in a guy like Mike Evans or even DeAndre Hopkins.

The Chiefs should be considered losers during the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline.


This may be another inclusion that confuses you. The Bears just traded for a great pasher in Montez Sweat, addressing an area of weakness. How can this be a bad thing? Well to you ask, what was the point of this deal? It may buy them a couple more wins in the next few seasons, assuming he actually wants to sign with Chicago.

This makes it an even bigger risk for Chicago, who once again is giving up a second-round pick at the deadline. The Bears still need a lot of help in a lot of places and should be holding on to as many draft picks as possible. If Sweat decides to sign long-term, the move becomes a little better. But the Bears would still be well away from their Super Bowl window. If that even exists.


I honestly put the Titans here because I don’t even think they know what they are doing right now. Are they buying, are they selling, tanking or not? I don’t think anyone will ever fully know but its just so confusing to me. They move off Kevin Byard for basically nothing, but then say they aren’t looking to move anyone else on the roster.

Trading away Byard makes it seem like you’re trying to sell only for you to immediately close your doors to anyone else. Maybe Tennessee only likes to trade with Philadelphia? I don’t really know what else could explain the decisions the Titans make.

Davante Adams

I couldn’t really think of another team to include so I figured I’d throw in a player I feel like got screwed. In this case, it’s Davante Adams, who is finally starting to show his true frustrations as a Raider.

Adams is usually a pretty even-keeled guy, doesn’t show too much emotion, and lets his playing do the talking. On Monday against Detroit, it all boiled over for Adams, who was seen slamming his helmet on the sideline.

He finished the game with one catch but was missed or just not thrown to when open more times than I can remember. The whole reason he went to Vegas was so he could pair up with his college teammate Derek Carr, who is no longer on the team, leaving Adams with Jimmy Garoppolo.

But now he doesn’t even get that and is forced to deal with the likes of Aidan O’Connell and Brian Hoyer. Adams deserves better and should have been sent to a real contending team where his talent can actually be used.


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