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2023 NFL Draft


2023 NFL Draft: Position Groups Ranked

2023 NFL Draft
Where does each position group rank in the 2023 NFL Draft? Let’s tier each group to see which position stacks above the rest. (

2023 NFL Draft: Position Groups Ranked

We know by now that the 2023 NFL Draft isn’t exactly the strongest class. However, what if we break things down per position? Better yet, what if we ranked them! That’s the agenda today. No need to say much else in the intro. Let’s get into it!

11: Linebacker

Any time you’re crossing first round off the list you’re not exactly killing it. Not sure there is a single linebacker I’d take in the first round. The best one might be Drew Sanders who really only has a limited sample size of production. You got Trenton Simpson from Clemson too. After that good luck. The depth isn’t horrible at the position but you better go get yours before they run out.

10: Safety

Brian Branch is good but not as dominant as Minkah Fitzpatrick. Other than that there isn’t any other first round talent. After that it’s a mix of third round guys like Ji’Ayir Brown that you hope will turn into something. Is there anyone you feel confident turning into a star? I’m not.

9: Tackles

I have the tackles ahead of safety and linebacker for one reason. There are some promising players at the position. The depth is just terrible. By the end of the third round, it’s a blank canvas. The supply does not meet the demand. Better get your tackles before it’s too late.

8: Wide Receiver

I would for sure say that this wide receiver group is much weaker compared to what the collegiate ranks has been sending the NFL. The best one might be Jaxson Smith-Njigba who is a slot receiver and was the 4th best guy on his own college team two years ago. There are players I like but most of them on the smaller side which creates risk. Even the late round dart throws it all feels like mud. False hope of nothing.

7: Tight End

There are more quality tight ends than normal but I push back on the thought that this is a great tight end class. There are players but a lot of gambles. Darnell Washington is my top ranked guy and he was the back up on his own team and notched 28 receptions last year. There are other names but are they really ceiling plays? More quantity than normal. Not sure there is more quality.

6: Defensive Tackle

There is a freak show in Jalen Carter at the top of the draft so that helps. You also have players with promise after that in Mazi Smith and Zacch Pickens. Not the worst group in the world but at least feel like you have players to choose from in every round.

5: Quarterback

It’s a bit of a wild card group but it’s not totally baren either. CJ Stroud and Bryce Young feel like at least quality options at the top. Two more wild cards in Anthony Richardson and Will Levis. At a minimum, it’s significantly better than the group we had to deal with a year ago.

4: Edge Rusher

Will Anderson at the top gives this group an elite option. There’s also going to be a flurry of options in the second and third round. Some of these guys will flame out but when guys like Brenton Cox and Byron Young are just sitting there in the late rounds it has to be considered one of the stronger groups in this draft.

3: Running Back

This running back group should be considered great. There is a top end option with Bijan Robinson. Other backs that are going to go in the second and third round. Best of all, a lot of sleepers I like in the later round that are going to turn into serious contributors. I love this group.

2: Interior Offensive Line

I feel like there might be five starting centers from this class. That right there tells you everything you need to know. Peter Skoronski might end up being a guard eventually too. Guards like O’Cyrus Torrence, Steve Avila, and Cody Mauch feel like quality starters. Teams that want to fill holes in the middle of the offensive line should be able to do so.

1: Cornerback

Not sure it’s even a discussion. Cornerback is easily the most loaded position for the 2023 NFL Draft. You can get your fair share of talent early, late, and all the time. The big three of Christian Gonzalez, Joey Porter Jr, and Kelee Ringo is as good as it gets at the top of any draft. Even the depth is fantastic. It’s littered with quality players at the position. You’re going to find plenty of starters in the third round this year.

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