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2022 Vendetta Awards

Vendetta Awards
The 2022 Vendetta Awards are here. Check out which blogging personalities will take home the virtual hardware this year!

2022 Vendetta Awards

Before I typed the Vendetta Awards post for this year, I allowed Jerry Walker to give me some input. If you missed that episode of Cheese, I asked him to nominate potential candidates for each award to close things out. Those considerations were taken into account along with some new awards that will be handed out this year.

Without further ado, let’s hand out the hardware.

*Post going back to 2021 Awards.

Rookie of the Year: James Herrick

Hell of a rookie year by James Herrick. He’s at 230 posts as I’m writing this after joining us for the Spring semester. That’s what we call real work ethic in these Vendetta streets. Man is a tank. Since joining us, Herrick has legitimized the UFC team by posting consistent coverage for each and every card. We’re lucky to have found him. If you ask Herrick, he will tell you he’s lucky too. He almost ended up at… nevermind.

Most Improved: Chris Bagdonas

Can you believe this guy was ready to quit? Bagdonas went from airhead to a very competent blogger what feels like overnight. Yes, I’m taking credit. Bagdonas does a lot of clean up duty on posts that are necessary to get done. Regardless of what you think of Bagdonas, his stock has risen and he’s gotten smarter during his time being here.

Best Trash Talker: Chickster

I’m hoping one day someone can steal this award from Chickster. For now, he collects his third straight award here. This place wouldn’t be the same without him. Nor would he survive at any other media company. Cheers to the lunatic that we all love.

Best Brain: Jerry Walker

Jerry Walker steals this award from Emma Brown this year. Not enough volume from Emma this year to recapture the award. Jerry is a nut case that somehow knows things about the most random sports that have ever existed. The man talks cricket, Formula one racing, and drops 1874 World Cup facts like a candy dispenser. Now that’s a brain. This one goes to Jerry.

Most Delusional Fan: Milo Coulter

Milo wins the award this year and no other candidate was close. The longer Milo has been here, it’s actually starting to scare me how endangered his brain is with Dodger blood. He thinks the Dodgers are winning 162 games every year while signing every free agent on the market. The thought of the Padres beating the Dodgers last postseason was not possible in Milo’s brain. He had to get his heart broken and now I get to watch him backtrack all of his JD Martinez takes because he wears Dodger blue now.

Best Duo: Chickster and Trey

I’m actually taking Jerry’s advice on this one. He says me and Chickster are the best and most entertaining duo. If only the outside viewer had an inside scoop on the Slack channel. When the real resources start pouring in, they have no idea what’s about to come. Fireworks they say.

Best Video Series: Marzzman Gaming Reviews

What a find this guy has been. Every video Marzzman drops becomes my lunch break viewing entertainment. He’s going to be a star in the gaming world and we’re lucky to have him.

Best Podcast: Jimmer Range

I’m not giving myself the award this year given the episodes are too inconsistent. There wasn’t even another podcast in the running. Jimmer Range has taken steps forward in the Tik Tok game and are pulling real guests. Hopefully, 2023 becomes the real launching point.

Best Article Series: NFL Draft Stock Report

This time I am giving myself an award. We did some great things with the Stock report series. We dominate the SmartNews rankings, got sponsored by Fanduel, and the numbers back me up. This has become a must-read for several that keep up with the NFL Draft. There isn’t another NFL Draft guy that comes close and it’s just a fact.

MVP: Alex Cervantes

Don’t know what we would do without killer Cervantes. He’s an editing machine! He makes the quality of the blog better. He saves me a hell of a lot of time. I don’t even touch other blogs barely anymore. MVP can only go to Cervantes.


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