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Chase Racherbaumer: The Dumbest Human Alive?

Chase Racherbaumer
Is Vendetta Sports Media writer Chase Racherbaumer the dumbest human alive? We have a story to tell about rocks for brains Chase. (Slack)

Chase Racherbaumer: The Dumbest Human Alive?

We have story time folks. We have come across our fair share of characters at Vendetta since I started this venture years ago. I believe that I may have officially found the dumbest human alive, Chase Racherbaumer. Grab your popcorn and buckle your seatbelts because this is going to be quite the ride.

First things first, let this be a lesson to everyone reading this. Don’t disrespect me. It never ends well for you. I’ll take myself down if it means taking you down. I have no sympathy for Chase. Chase Racherbaumer has rocks for brains and this man needs to be taught a serious lesson. We are the sports blog reality show and I am only doing my job to promote what goes on behind the scenes.

Chase wrote a blog about the Missouri coach Dennis Gates earlier today. You can give it a read if you want to. I’m not sure I’d recommend it. It’s a six-minute read that makes you contemplate sticking a fork in your eye out of boredom. It’s a blog straight out of Wikipedia that serves zero purpose on any real sports publication. Forget about branding. There isn’t an editor in America that would have allowed that post to get published in even a high school newspaper.

Of course, Trey’s a nice guy and published the piece anyway. However, it wasn’t going to be something that flew over the long term as I had hoped to have ANOTHER conversation about how Chase needs to change.

You see, Chase and I already had his end-of-the-year review. We talked about how it’s not okay to not communicate and just skip a week of posting without saying something. You will notice how there is no Week 12 player props. Chase just didn’t feel like doing them and didn’t feel the need to say anything. Something I don’t view as tolerable. We have one rule at this company and it’s to communicate. You literally cannot lose your job here any other way.

During our end-of-the-year meeting, I told Chase that he needs to start picking up news posts to get in the rhythm of being able to crank out more volume. His overall writing needs work in general and the easy news posts are the best way to practice. It’s not a shot, it’s just the reality. I started at the bottom too.

Are still you with me? Communication and news posts. Well, in the two weeks since our meeting, Chase has done ONE news post. Travis Hunter going to Colorado. He does not engage in any Slack conversations in order to try to network. Something I also tried to advocate. It’s in one ear and out the other. Nothing gets through to him.

Don’t worry, we get six minute Wikipedia blogs instead…

I could have just given up on Chase. He’s a fart in the wind. I can find 100 other people like Chase. That’s not my mission here at Vendetta. I want to provide opportunities to people that otherwise never receive them. I want to make people better while they’re here. I want to squeeze every ounce of talent out of each individual person. I think the results speak for themselves. I have a government contract and have been offered so much money to sell this site. That’s on a zero investors. None.

Once again, I tried to hand Chase a helping hand. This kid needs to hear the truth because otherwise, he’s never going to get anywhere in this sports industry. The truth may hurt but it sets you free. Chase needs to make changes for the better. Believe it or not, I know a thing or two when it comes to this blogging thing.

I present my evidence for the jury to see:

Chase Racherbaumer
Chase Racherbaumer
Dennis Gates

You have read that correctly. Chase was given constructive criticism by his boss. A boss who is very busy and has 100 other things to do. That advice was ignored. Chase has time to retweet his article on Twitter but does not have time to answer me in Slack.

To close this blog out, I will choose to be positive. This is Chase’s best blog. See what happens when he takes a news story? Not bad!

I think that’s a bit disrespectful wouldn’t you say? That’s fine. He can find out the hard way. Vendetta has a no-closed-door policy and if you piss me off, this is what happens. Way to go Chase. Now the rest of your co-workers and everyone else who reads this site now has proof that you’re a rocks for brains idiot. Not just a rocks for brains idiot. A disrespectful one too that doesn’t listen to anything that you say. Or just communicate in general. That would have just done the job in this instance once again.

I am not firing Chase. If there is a way that we can turn him into a successful blogger, I would prefer that to be the path. However, I’m running out of hope for Chase. If he can’t communicate, he can’t have a job here. Those are the rules. Chase has 24 hours to respond to me and if he has any dignity, he will write a response blog apologizing for being a rocks for brain idiot while also pleading for my help to make him great.


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